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College girls tied and whipped

Jun 23

college girl tied

Her whipper, dressed in white shorts and T-shirt
like all the college girls, carefully took her clothes
as they were handed to her and lay them carefuly
on the grass, for they need be put on again each
time. The stripping was part of the delight. The
recipient stretched her slender arms upwards to the top of the post, where the hands were tied with
good old-fashioned rope,

The girl at the whipping post

Apr 14

whipping post

The girl at the whipping post could have been from any century or history book. They had varied little from Eve. The slender back, creased with its delightful narrow valley, the swelling bottom, per- fectly devoid of any unintended lines, the firm thighs and calves, the well-nippled breasts panting slightly in anticipation of the whipping to come, the soft face of submission and acceptance, the pouting mouth, the flickering eyelids.

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