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Whipping on the table

May 31

table whipping

Stacy lifted up her skirt and peeled down her
panties, stepped out of them, and placed them,
folded properly, on the table beside the whip. Miss
Cummins had taught the domestic class never to
pull one’s pants down around the knees. It was a
silly sight. Take them off, and fold them neatly on
the table or floor.
Stacy spread herself over the table, her skirt
hiked to her waist. She found the proper balance on
her stomach, then satisfied, spread her legs nicely,
apart. Stacy always felt a tingle when she spread ‘
her legs for a whipping. A girl just seemingly never
gets quite used to exposing her sex voluntarily.

Fresh whip mark on the slim back of a downstairs maid

May 31

whip marks

Happily and elegantly, they knew their creation as a girl, and accepting the course of human nature as being what it is they recognized that ropes and chains and whips were
devised specifically for their young bodies. They questioned not why this was so. It just was. And part of being a domestic included ready acceptance to such machinations with dignity and, in fact, joy. Thus these beautiful creatures were unique, and were set apart from their sisters of other vocations and conditions. Indeed, a fresh whip mark on the slim back of a downstairs maid caused her no more grief than a rose prick on a more sophisticated lady’s finger.

Panty gags and hair bondage

May 17


The blows were alternated between the woman
and the girl and their suffering was evident. The
panty gags permitted only muffled noises, but
their faces were flushed in hurt, their eyes met.

Huge tits and clothespins

Feb 22


Bondage superstar Andrea is bound first on knee-point with her elbows together around the short spinning post and big C-clamps hanging from her nipples, then she’s tied sideways in a chair, allowing Jay easy access to her shapely form. Cute blonde Tyler finds herself in a cross-legged tie on the bed with her elbows lashed tightly together, then she’s standing, bound to a large plant stand, so that Jay can whip her round breasts and clamp her tender nipples. Busty blonde Ginger is in an elbows-together standing post-tie as Jay spins her around and roughly clamps her waiting nipples. After that, she’s elbow-tied again and arched backward with a small vibrator slipped into her knotted crotchrope. Jay ultimately covers her huge tits with wicked white clothespins! Ultra-busty Donita is tied to the slave chair as Jay manhandles her meaty tits, then she’s tightly frog-tied on the floor at the master’s feet. She tries her best to crawl around for his pleasure, her fleshy tits bouncing with her every move. Finally, lusty Rikki is bound kneeling to the short post, then she’s on knee-point with her wrists pulled up over her head. We find out just how much she enjoys her bondage by the way she thrusts her hips so frantically against her crotchropes. You can look forward to lots of fat ballgags, nipple clamps and sensual whippings.

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