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Mistress in black leotard and boots and her slave girl

Dec 8

mistress and slave

She pushed open the door and stepped inside, closing it behind her. Then she turned and stopped short.
Alex was standing in the centre of the room, holding a thin whip in her hand. She wore a black leotard made of shiny leather that hugged her curves like a second skin, pressing her breasts upwards so that an almost obscene area of cleavage was on display. Her legs were encased in black fishnet tights and long boots that came almost to the knee. The leotard was cut so high that her thighs were uncovered to her waist, no more than a thin strip of leather covering her crotch. She wore black gloves on her hands and a black peaked cap was placed jauntily on her head. She stood, hands on hips, an arrogant smile on her face.

Gagged girl with her nipples standing out like solid knobs

Dec 8

hard nipples

And with that, she pushed the gag back into Toni’s mouth and tightened the strap once more. Then her hand went back to Toni’s crotch. Toni gave a muffled groan as her friend slipped a finger into her again. Gerry had turned round now and was watching them, a short whip clutched in his fingers. Toni glanced in the mirror, seeing how her firm young breasts jutted out from her chest, the nipples standing out like solid knobs, and a shiver of excitement ran through her. Alex was right; it was thrilling to be watched.

When Gerry crossed the room to join them once more, she found herself thrusting her hips forward, as if trying to draw his attention to the wetness between her legs.
Gerry handed the whip to Alex. It wasn’t very long, but it was extremely thin, so that it bowed back as she swished it through the air.

Girl whipped, rope tied and rope gagged

Dec 8

lesbo whipping

Her entire backside was glowing red, with more stripes down the back of her legs and across her back. She caught Alex’s eye. The girl was breathing heavily with the exertion of the beating, her gaze fixed on Toni’s body. More than anything now, Toni wanted an orgasm, and she thrust her backside back at her punisher, moaning behind her gag.

Time for your punishment

Nov 29

“Time for your punishment, my little beauty,” he murmured.
Toni replied with a low moan.
He reached up and pulled down a pair of manacles that hung from the ceiling close to the end of the table. He undid her wrists and trapped them in the metal shackles. Then he pulled on a chain, dragging her hands high above her head. The knowledge that the whipping was about to commence made the wetness in Toni’s sex increase as she contemplated it.


Secured and punished with cruel horsewhip

Nov 29

The men who escorted her untied her hands, then fastened them to manacles at the top corners of the frame. Then they secured her feet to the floor of the stage, stretched wide apart.

cruel horsewhip

Thus exposed, she turned once more toward her captor for some sign that her punishment was of some importance, but he simply glanced at her and nodded to her escorts. At once they took up a pair of cruel horsewhips and began to lash her bare backside, first one then the other.

Whipped and chained naked

Sep 9

‘Would I be tied up?’
‘That’s right.’
‘What would I be whipped with?’
‘A horsewhip. Or a cane. Listen, Toni does the idea really turn you on?’
‘I think it does.’ Toni had no idea why it should be, but her mind was suddenly filled with the image of herself chained naked to the wall whilst her backside was whipped, and the thrill it gave her was totally unexpected.
‘Tomorrow, then,’ said Alex. ‘We’ll do it tomorrow.’
‘Hang on, Alex. I’m not sure.’
‘I am.’

chained whipped

Punishment for sisters

May 31


The whipping had to be received, so why not
at least know that your two friends would enjoy it.
If one loved her sister maids like she should, then
she hoped her punishment would turn them on.
The whipping would then be well worth it. It was,
in fact, honest love between girls. Stacy had gotten
her pants wet watching Trish whipped, so fair is
fair. Wet your pants, Trish, thought Stacy.
The first lash is always such a surprise. The
terrific sound always seems like it is somewhere
else. Then a girl feels that awful burning on her
bottom, and she knows that the sound was her own

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