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Naked and locked into shackles on the floor

Dec 8

shackled clamped

The men took her by the arms and led her to an open veranda at the front of the house. There, on the floor, was a coil of chain of the thickness and strength of a dog’s lead.
There was a shackle at the end, and this was closed and locked about Toni’s ankle. Only then did they remove the gag.

Torture and breast bondage

Feb 22

breast roped tied

“Don’t be so foolish as to think our game has come to an end,” Mack says, dropping a thin coil of rope on the floor. It is more wire than rope. “The fire will return very soon. Only then will you know what it’s like to truly suffer.”

Terry responds desperately to the threat of more suffering, but there is nothing she can do other than imagine it. Mack coils the thin rope around the base of her dangling left breast, listening to her bawl as he works, promising more torture. He is a master with his knots and he ties the breast off tightly, binding it strangely as Terry shakes her head, still believing she can reason him to stop with her wild protests.

In no apparent rush, Mack works slowly and repeats the process on Terry’s right breast. He then binds her tits sharply together until they bulge sickly off her chest. The ringbolt comes in handy once again. Ignoring her sobs, which are increasing in tenor, Mack ties the rope to the floor and returns to the crank.

Trisha part 5, breast bondage

Jan 7

He pulled out two rubber wedges. “We’ll have to silence the patient if we are to get this examination done. Open wide!” I opened my mouth, and he grabbed my chin, pulling my jaw open as far as it would go, then wedging the rubber between my molars. I tried to close my mouth, but the wedges were in the way. I couldn’t open my mouth any further, and I couldn’t push the wedges out of the way. My mouth would be agape until “Dr Roper” deems otherwise.


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