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Slave girl bound in uncomfortable cage

Jan 22

girl in cage

Greta turned back to Lisa. ‘Now my dear, you will help me!’ Greta walked over and opened the side of the cage as Karen looked across at the plight that Lisa had landed in.

‘Please, my Mistress, please, please don’t hurt me again.’ Lisa was tearful.

‘Nonsense! Get in, and put your head through the top.’

Lisa moved slowly as Karen stared. Then she saw why Lisa was so frightened. The cage was tall and, allowing for the teetering heels, reached up to Lisa’s shoulders. There was an opening at the top which Greta adjusted for Lisa to stick her head through. Once she was in position she closed the metal circle around her neck.

‘Please Mistress, have pity! Please!’ Lisa was plaintive.

Karen could see more clearly. Around the metal collar, all around the inner face, was a series of long metal spikes, but she could not tell if they were sharp or blunt ended. Either way they looked to be uncomfortable, they were placed in such a way that if Lisa moved her head in any way she would feel the points sticking into her tender neck.


As Greta closed the door, Karen could see that there were similar spikes along the inner face of every bar.

Lisa stood very still indeed. The cage was cunningly designed. As long as the occupant stood perfectly still it was, relatively, comfortable, but any movement would force one or more of the spikes into the naked flesh, causing pain at the very least if not actually breaking the skin.

Naked and tied, her backside striped with red marks

Nov 29

Her mind was too full of what was happening to her. She tried her best to understand why her body was responding as it was, why she felt such a perverse pleasure in being bound and unable to defend herself, on having her body exposed so openly, and most of all on having her bare backside thrashed with a cane.

bare backside thrashed with a cane

She could not comprehend it. It simply didn’t fit in with the institutions of her upbringing. All she knew was that it gave her a pleasure that she wanted to retain. Even now, standing here naked and tied before all these people, her backside striped with red marks, she felt powerfully aroused, and she knew her nipples were hard and protruding.

Totally naked and spread-eagled tied

Nov 29

Toni reached for them nervously, aware that she was the centre of attention. As soon as she had them in her hand she realised they were photographs. She turned them over and looked at the first one. Then her jaw dropped.
The picture was of her. She was in the staff room, standing with her wrists and ankles tied so that her aristocratic young body was spread-eagled.


And she was totally naked, her plump young breasts and the pink slit of her sex bared for all to see.

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