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Large rubber ball gag was forced between her lips and a strap placed about her head

Dec 8

gagged and bound

Whether Alex had sensed her reluctance, or whether she intended to gag her captive anyhow, Toni didn’t know. What she did know was that, as she opened her mouth to protest, a large rubber ball was forced between her lips and a strap placed about her head.
‘Mmmf’ Toni’s protest was stifled to an incomprehensible mumble as Alex tightened the strap. She shook her head back and forth to try to dislodge the gag, but it was hopeless. Once more she gazed at her reflection, and realised that she was entirely in Alex’s power.

Girl tied, punished and slapped

Dec 8

tied punished

The girl slapped her with the flat of her hand, striking one cheek, then the other. Toni bit her lip to prevent herself crying out. Each slap stung dreadfully, and she knew her bottom would be glowing red under the onslaught.

But there was another sensation as well as the pain. A return of the warmth she had felt earlier. This time, though, it was the pain that was causing it. Somehow the effect of being tied and punished was acting as a stimulant, and once again she became aware that her body was responding in a manner that was totally at odds with her mind.

Collared servant girl

Jun 23


It was a slave, not a
servant. The girl wore a collar shackle, her breast
brands were fairly fresh and still red-brown, and
glistening rings dangled from her erect nipples.

How to mix Football and Bondage

Feb 12

With the boys at the match this would cut down their options for bondage play during the game, so we decided that at the end of the game the losing boy would have to travel home gagged and handcuffed once out of the city. We lived 40 minutes away and so the return car journey would be interesting and hopefully (for the loser) out of sight from other travellers!

After lunch the boys set of for the match and that meant that Lisa and I got ready for the game. We had decided to dress sexily and so chose bra, knickers, stockings & suspenders based on colours of the team we to cheer for. That meant that Lisa changed into a light blue set of underwear with white opaque stockings. As a follower of United I was in a bright red set with black opaque stockings. Until one team went behind we would also wear one of our husbands’ team shirts


Self tied in panties

Dec 21

“Now move over, and start tasting your wife, with that bright pink mouth of yours.” She unbuckled the ball gag from behind my head,


and loosened it so that it hung around my neck. “I want you to lick her slowly and then slide your wet tongue in and out of her pussy, over and over until she feels warm. I want you to tongue fuck her soft and then tongue fuck her hard. Slowly and then faster. Then I want you to kiss her clit with your lips, and don’t stop until I say”.

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