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Rubber bondage for Daughter

Dec 20

“Steel drop the poneygirl show give it to Bushfire. I want you to organize the ultimate scene on our unsuspecting little minx. I want chains, steel tables, whips, gags,


three gags, nipple clamps, paddles, hidden cameras from three no four direction, every thing, use your twisted imagination and I want it ready by midnight. Use the dark dungeon, you can kick Sin out. I’ll show her who can fool who. Jet I need Jet”. Baron grabbed quick draw style for his mobile phone and speed dialed Jet. “Its switched on, its switched on, ring, ring yes! Jet dear yes. Look listen its important, Lisa she’s a fake the witch she’s trying sneak in.” If Baron was taking Jet’s reply by short hand her ‘Really?’ would have been mis-written as ‘I told you so’.

Selfbondage games

Sep 1

…That little episode helped me move to another level of bondage. I didn’t like holding a pencil between my teeth. It was awkward. So I wrapped a bunch of tape around the end of a pencil and made a ball about two inches across. That was easier to hold in my mouth. And it was a perfect ball gag.

I like the heightened sensation of helplessness the gag gave me. So I experimented with different kinds. I discovered that a simple rubber ball inside nylon stocking worked great. I just tied the stocking behind my neck and the gag was perfect.

perfect gag

perfect gag

(I was still a small town farm girl then, I had no idea that an entire bondage culture existed outside my cocoon. I actually thought I had invented the ball gag. It wasn’t until years later that I found out differently)…

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