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Girl spread-eagled across the table, her wrists tied to the table legs

Nov 29

Toni felt her wrists grabbed and she was dragged onto her back again. Isabel held her down whilst the other two tied her wrists to the table legs. Once that was done her ankles were similarly secured, so that the naked girl was spread-eagled across the table, totally at the mercy of her captors.


For a while she continued to struggle, but then surrendered herself to the inevitable, as Isabel began work with the razor.

First of all the foam was rubbed about her sex lips with a brush. It was warm and soapy, the liquid trickling down her slit and over her anus. The soft touch of the brush made her squirm slightly as it ran over her most private place.

Isabel shaved her expertly, running the razor smoothly over her soft skin, scraping away the wiry little hairs about the lips. As she did so, the touch of her fingers stimulated Toni, so that she moaned quietly, her body totally relaxed and compliant now as she surrendered herself to the woman’s touches. Once the hair was removed, Isabel ran a warm cloth over the area, wiping away the remaining foam.

“There,” said Isabel at last. “That’s better. Release her, girls.”
Toni’s wrists and ankles were freed at once and she sat up, rubbing the marks where the rope had been.

Totally naked and spread-eagled tied

Nov 29

Toni reached for them nervously, aware that she was the centre of attention. As soon as she had them in her hand she realised they were photographs. She turned them over and looked at the first one. Then her jaw dropped.
The picture was of her. She was in the staff room, standing with her wrists and ankles tied so that her aristocratic young body was spread-eagled.


And she was totally naked, her plump young breasts and the pink slit of her sex bared for all to see.

Woman bound spread-eagled between two portable binding

May 17


“If you have some binding posts, madam, we’ll
present her to you properly,” said Sondra.
“Very well. Bring her in.” The scene was being
played beautifully. Even Julie was perfectly
Victoria Palmer sat in her chair in the living
room. Julie was displayed directly in front of her,
bound spread-eagled between two portable binding
Thin cords were attached to her thumbs and big toes, pulling her tautly and delightfully. Victoria
had never seen so thrilling a sight and her pants
was very damp.

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