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Naked and locked into shackles on the floor

Dec 8

shackled clamped

The men took her by the arms and led her to an open veranda at the front of the house. There, on the floor, was a coil of chain of the thickness and strength of a dog’s lead.
There was a shackle at the end, and this was closed and locked about Toni’s ankle. Only then did they remove the gag.

Shackles and chains

Sep 9

She barely had time to consider her plight, though, as her two attendants dropped to their knees and undid the shackles at her ankles, then turned her round to face away from the audience. The new position gave Toni some scant comfort as her breasts and belly were turned from the men’s hungry eyes, but she knew that they would be scanning her backside with equal interest, and she thought of the stripes so recently laid across it by the woman that morning. She wasn’t sure if she could take another beating so soon after that one, but it was clear she would have little choice.


Suddenly she realised that the two young women were at work again, each taking hold of one of her ankles and pulling them wide apart before clamping yet another shackle about each. She glanced down to see that these irons were attached to the floor at about the same distance apart as those on her wrists. She was trapped now, her arms and legs pulled wide, her body describing a large X shape as she hung in her chains, her feet barely touching the ground.

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