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First punishment for her

Jun 23

panty gagged

Mistress always made her commands sound like
a question.
“Why don’t you please both stuff your under-
pants in each other’s mouth for the first punish-
ment. Don’t like you to start yelling too early in
the day, and the first thing may hurt a bit. Or
would you rather the rubber gags you came in?”
Laura and Sylvia whispered to each other.
“We’ll use each other’s pants. The rubber thing
is really cruel,” said Laura.
The maids were impressed with Mistress’ erotic
touch. They were seeing,an expert,at work, and .
knew it.. The two females held their mouth open
like hungry fishes, arid stuffed the intimate mate-,
rial far, inside each other. Laura blushed as she
tasted SyIvia’s ‘femaleness on the wispy material.
Sylyia,didn’,t respond to her gag with any emotion
at all.

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