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Punishment with large rubber dildo and ropes

Jan 22


Karen looked closely. Carefully fixed to the top of the tripod was a large rubber dildo. It was a dildo quite unlike any she had seen before, the head was distinctly larger than life even though the shape faithfully echoed a real life fully aroused male glans. The shaft was more normal in size but it appeared to be well endowed with a number of sort rubber nipples sticking out around the circumference over the lower few inches. At the bottom of the dildo a narrow flange was visible, pointing forward, towards where any clit may come into contact with it. The whole of this flange appeared to covered in a number of quite thin rubber probes, an inch or so long . Coming from underneath was a long thick cable which seemed to be connected to some sort of control box lying on the floor besides Greta’s chair.

The tripod was more robust than a photographic tripod, even though it appeared to have a center column that was adjusted by a rotating wheel. In fact, Karen thought, the mechanism seems suspiciously like an ordinary, well, perhaps not so ordinary, car jack. Turning the wheel would raise, or lower, the central pillar and with it the monstrous black hard rubber dildo.

Girl whipped, rope tied and rope gagged

Dec 8

lesbo whipping

Her entire backside was glowing red, with more stripes down the back of her legs and across her back. She caught Alex’s eye. The girl was breathing heavily with the exertion of the beating, her gaze fixed on Toni’s body. More than anything now, Toni wanted an orgasm, and she thrust her backside back at her punisher, moaning behind her gag.

Girl tied, punished and slapped

Dec 8

tied punished

The girl slapped her with the flat of her hand, striking one cheek, then the other. Toni bit her lip to prevent herself crying out. Each slap stung dreadfully, and she knew her bottom would be glowing red under the onslaught.

But there was another sensation as well as the pain. A return of the warmth she had felt earlier. This time, though, it was the pain that was causing it. Somehow the effect of being tied and punished was acting as a stimulant, and once again she became aware that her body was responding in a manner that was totally at odds with her mind.

She wriggled her hands and pulled her arms, but the metal cuffs only clicked and held her

Mar 28

wriggled in bondage

The girl remained motionless. She waited for the penis to soften and diminish. It did not. She started to twist and bend, trying to throw herself off the violation. The leverage was not good. The angle wasn’t right. Her most powerful try only succeeded in raising her half up his member. Then she only sank down on it again.

She groaned, drool unavoidably collecting behind her teeth and dripping over her lower lip onto the man’s stomach. She wriggled her hands and pulled her arms, but the metal cuffs only clicked and held her. She looked down at her exquisite body held by the delicate black lace. For a fleeting second, her mind told her Peter was right. The groupies were right. She had been asking for this. She deserved this. She was nothing but a cocktease bitch.

Terri howled in the night. A burbling gasp was all that emerged from behind her gag, but it was enough.

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