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Pony girl with heavy tits and wit a bridle over her head

Feb 11

bridle pony girl

Toweling the last of the foam from her
he had Gina stand up and put a bridle over her head
tightening the straps and then Gina opened her mouth on his
command to accept the bit which he buckled tightly under her
chin and behind her head. Cuffing her wrists behind her back
she started to tremble as her thrust out heavy tits started
to quiver. The groom stroked her soft behind and ran his
hand over her flat stomach and cupped her heavy tits and
gently pulled on her nipples calming Gina down. Attaching
reins to her bridle he then tied them to a ring and left her
there. Gina wanted at this point to please her Master and to
be a pony girl since that was what her Master wished.

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