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Pain from clamps with extra weights

Jan 22

weighted clamps

Karen picked up a pair of clips and held them up for his approval.

‘Yes, they will be fine, go and attach them to your friend.’. Karen walked back, as both Karl and Greta enjoyed the view.

Once again she started with the right nipple. She thought to herself, as she often had in the past, how small the average mans nipple really was, nothing to pull, and pleasure, like her own swollen cherries. She had learned in what seemed another, earlier, life that Mary loved his nipples teased and she knew that she would have to pinch them to make them sufficiently erect to be able to fit the clips in her hand. As she did so Mary drew breath sharply. The application of the menthol based cream had sensitised her nipples to an extent she had not believed possible. Then, as Karen managed to clip the nipple, she felt the full pressure, the pain even, as the clip bit home and hung from his flesh, the weight of it adding to her distress.

Karen, oblivious to her feelings, and intent on her task, moved to her other nipple and repeated the process, before she stepped away. It was clear, from his increasing erection, that the clamps had the desired effect on Mary.

As she moved away Karl and Greta surveyed Mary in her bondage. Her nipples were clearly distended with the weight of the clips, but Greta wanted more.

‘Karen-slut, go back and hang some of those weights on each miserable nipple.’

Karen teetered across to the bench and picked up four small lead, or was it dull steel, weights, each slightly smaller than a golf ball. She went over to Mary and proceeded to hang one on each nipple clip, making her wince with the added tension.

‘Good, good!’, murmured the watching pair in unison.

‘And the others’, Karl gave his instructions.

Karen proceeded to hang the extra weights very gently and slowly and only released them when she was sure that Mary was ready for the extra torment. This time the pain was quite evident, tears welled in the corners of her eyes and she was obviously on the threshold between pleasure and pain, with pain being at the front of her mind.

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