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Mistress in black leotard and boots and her slave girl

Dec 8

mistress and slave

She pushed open the door and stepped inside, closing it behind her. Then she turned and stopped short.
Alex was standing in the centre of the room, holding a thin whip in her hand. She wore a black leotard made of shiny leather that hugged her curves like a second skin, pressing her breasts upwards so that an almost obscene area of cleavage was on display. Her legs were encased in black fishnet tights and long boots that came almost to the knee. The leotard was cut so high that her thighs were uncovered to her waist, no more than a thin strip of leather covering her crotch. She wore black gloves on her hands and a black peaked cap was placed jauntily on her head. She stood, hands on hips, an arrogant smile on her face.

Tied for sex

Dec 21

Next, was a hand grabbing the waist band of my new skirt, a ripping sound, and my body was turned again as they cut and pulled it away from me. By now, I was laying on the floor on my stomach. My intruders were pulling my legs up and tying them to my wrists in what is called a hog tie. As I lay there, crying, in pain, scared to death, in only my panties and torn stockings , it seemed to get quiet.

Inside her skirt

Aug 3

“Grab some rope,” Vicky shouted. “Lets tie her hands together behind her back!”

Ellie passed her a length of rope and Vicky used it to bind the poor woman’s wrists together. She stood up to admire her work.
wrists bound together
“Now get out of that, bitch,” she hissed as watch Chantelle struggle desperately on the floor.

Chantelle managed to wriggle on to her back as Vicky stood above her, one foot either side of her chest.

“You looking up my skirt?” Vicky snapped.

The mistress and the maids, part 1

Jul 23

…”Because it is her ladyships wish to do so. Now be quiet.” Emma took out some rope, and quickly tied Clara’s wrists behind her back. The rope was clinched, and knotted tightly.

“Why the hell are you tying me up? I can stay in here without being tied up.” Said Clara angrily, twisting and turning.

“That is what they all say. Curiosity killed that cat, Emily. Now be quiet!”
Emma pushed a large wadded cloth

wadded cloth gagged

into her mouth and secured it with another long strip of cloth. She tied a rope around her chest, above and below her bust and secured it tightly behind her at her elbows. Clara knew that the fight was over. Her hands were useless, and she couldn’t scream for help.

Emma took Clara, and pushed her into the bed. Clara landed on her back; Emma grabbed her booted feet and tied them at the ankles, making sure the rope also went through the heels of the boots.

heels bound

She rolled Clara over and tied her feet to her wrists…

Corset lacing for mistress

Jul 22

‘Give me my red and white striped corset and some tan nylons.’

Emily obeyed, although it was very difficult and handed her mistress what she asked for.

‘Follow me.’

Rachel led Emily back out to the bedroom, put the corset around her waist and sat down on the bench.

leather corset lacing

‘Put my stockings on – and if you so much as put a nick in them, there’s going to be hell to pay.

‘Emily crouched down and did as she was told, being extremely careful not to damage the expensive stockings. Rachel then stood up and Emily attached them to her corset.

‘Where are my shoes?’ Rachel asked suddenly.’You didn’t…”You expect me to walk around in my stocking feet? Get my red Bettie sandals at once.’ She barked.

Collar attached to her hands and feet, hogtied slave girl

Jul 22

She removed her ankle restraints and added them to Jewel’s bondage. Next came the collar. Emily smiled as she locked it around Jewel’s neck. She wasn’t worthy of Mistress’s attention. Emily had invested too much of her time and way too much agony to be replaced by some upstart.

She smiled and attached the collar to her hands and feet, effectively hogtying her. Then she sat back for a few moments and watched Jewel struggle.

‘You need to arch better than that.’ Emily chided, pulling on the chain attached to Jewel’s collar.

‘Mpphh…’ Jewel moaned as her chest was pulled up off the bed.

collared in denim slave

‘That’s much better.’ Emily cooed. She smiled and lay down beside Jewel. She had always been the one on the receiving end and this new sense of power and control was intoxicating. She slid her hands over her body and watched Jewel struggle.


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