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Fifi chastises her maid, bondage comics

Apr 30


The nonplussed maid costume was splattered and dirty from the flying food, so the dress had to be taked off her to be cleaned.
She was then marched down to the basement and made to kneel and thighs together. In this cramped kneeling position she was made to stay until she learned the lesson of always keeping in mind her instructions on how to behave while serving.


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The mistress and the maids, part 2

Jul 23

Clara still lay on the bed, tightly bound.
tightly bound on the bed
Half of the day had gone by. She moved painfully, while listening for anyone coming to her rescue. The ropes were getting tighter as she tried to wriggle out of them, and her gag was soaked with her spit. Suddenly she heard a noise outside of the door to the room and tried to call out for help, but the gag prevented her from making a sound. The door opened slowly and Clara saw one of the other maids standing in the doorway. She came quietly into the room and smiled at Clara. Her crisp white apron, white frilly headdress and the black dress were a welcome sight to Clara. She closed the door behind her, found a chair near the wall and sat on it. Clara made big eyes as the maid made herself comfortable instead of freeing her and grunted through her gag.

“I am sorry Emily, but I can’t undo your ropes, Mistress’s orders. I am here to draw your portrait.” The maid said softly, taking a drawing book and a pencil from her pocket in the apron.

Clara couldn’t believe her ears, her ladyship wanted a portrait of her bound and gagged on this bed!

The mistress and the maids, part 1

Jul 23

…”Because it is her ladyships wish to do so. Now be quiet.” Emma took out some rope, and quickly tied Clara’s wrists behind her back. The rope was clinched, and knotted tightly.

“Why the hell are you tying me up? I can stay in here without being tied up.” Said Clara angrily, twisting and turning.

“That is what they all say. Curiosity killed that cat, Emily. Now be quiet!”
Emma pushed a large wadded cloth

wadded cloth gagged

into her mouth and secured it with another long strip of cloth. She tied a rope around her chest, above and below her bust and secured it tightly behind her at her elbows. Clara knew that the fight was over. Her hands were useless, and she couldn’t scream for help.

Emma took Clara, and pushed her into the bed. Clara landed on her back; Emma grabbed her booted feet and tied them at the ankles, making sure the rope also went through the heels of the boots.

heels bound

She rolled Clara over and tied her feet to her wrists…

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