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Christmas Day Bonus…Little Miss Jasmine Sinclair

Dec 8

Jasmine Sinclair

Little Miss Santa stared at all her presents under the tree. It is her favourite time of year of course! She grabbed the biggest present she could find and opened it: a load of colourful rope and a funny looking gag thing! “Hmmm I wonder…” thought Miss Santa to herself…

Suddenly her Christmas cloak was gone and her hands were bound in the rope. The gag was tied around her mouth and her other clothes slowly disappeared. Kinky little Miss Santa loved it as you can see from these photos! Of course it was all just a dream. No girl would really get tied up and stripped like that, so all you guys to see her on Christmas Day, would they??

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Free Jasmine Sinclair bound and gagged pictures

May 6

jasmine sinclair gagged


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Jasmine Sinclair Strappado Punished

May 6


So much for modelling my latest lingerie for you! Didn’t we talk about me doing some glamour shoots on my member’s forum? Well, the photographer was having none of it! A SUPER-TOUGH STRAPPADO for your little slavegirl, me!! Love Jas

“Just a few more,” I said, as the photographer’s impatience grew. I’d told him I wanted some photos to show off my lovely new lingerie. He’d reluctantly agreed, a couple of photos no more. So, I guess, I shouldn’t have been surprised, thirty minutes in, when he lost his rag at me! Grabbing bundles of rope, he wrapped my legs together. Then he tied my arms behind my back! “Hey,” I said. “what’s going on?” I soon found out when his assistant dropped a rope from the balcony above and the photographer tied my hands to it!

“Ouch!” I screamed, more in shock than pain. I had to lean forward to ease the strain. The photographer smiled for the first time on the shoot, obviously glad I was getting my just desserts! He pulled down my bra and started snapping away. “Let me go,” I demanded. But of course it only made things worse…the photographer pulled down my knickers and gagged me with gaffer tape! “Finally, a bit of piece and quiet,” he laughed!


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