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Visit to the Mistress

Jan 17

I was instructed to go to the bathroom, clean up, remove my torn hose, put on my high heels my husband handed me, and panties only. I was to turn left from the bath room and meet them in the dungeon. I did as instructed, and as I entered the dungeon, I was amazed at the size of it and all the equipment on the walls. In the middle of the room, a woman about my size who was naked and standing under a kind of cable hoist that hung from the ceiling. Her arms were above her body, fastened to a bar that spread them apart.


Her legs were also spread with a bar between them. There was a black hood over her head, with a collar around her neck .

Tied for sex

Dec 21

Next, was a hand grabbing the waist band of my new skirt, a ripping sound, and my body was turned again as they cut and pulled it away from me. By now, I was laying on the floor on my stomach. My intruders were pulling my legs up and tying them to my wrists in what is called a hog tie. As I lay there, crying, in pain, scared to death, in only my panties and torn stockings , it seemed to get quiet.

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