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The bondage bra and vibrating dildo

Feb 11

vibrating dildo

The first extra made its appearance after Ike tied the rope belt
on her. It was a vibrating dildo for her pussy with a remote
on/off switch. This really didn’t perturb her in any big way,
but, she nevertheless bitched about it, just to keep up
appearances! And he, fully aware of her self-imposed obligation
to bitch, cheerfully ignored her bitching. The bondage bra went
on followed by the cuffs at wrists and upper arms; then, sweater
and skirt…

Her wrists and ankles cuffed and her protests silenced with a ball gag

Dec 8

cuffed ball gagged

Minutes later the two men had appeared in his room. They were rough, unshaven men, quite unlike anyone she had encountered in the castle before and they grinned broadly at the sight of the naked beauty being held in an arm lock by Bastik. They snapped cuffs onto her wrists and ankles and silenced her protests with a ball gag that fastened behind her head.
Then one of them lifted her easily onto his shoulder and carried her out.

Submissive girl bound

Mar 9


Shortly thereafter my submissive returned wearing the rather abbreviated French maid outfit that she had found in the box that I had placed on the vanity. She teetered somewhat in the shoes that had over 4” high heels. In her normal life my submissive rarely wears high heals so these were something quite different to her. It was truly difficult to hide my evil grin with what I hoped would appear as an innocent smile. “Ah, You must be the new maid.” cueing her in to her new role. I picked up the belt that I had placed on my nightstand and placed it around her waist, snapping a padlock onto the buckle. This was a rather simple black leather belt. The only oddities were that the buckle pin had a hole for a padlock, and there were two rather unobtrusive ‘D’ rings one on either side.

Spy Victoria gagged and cuffed

Jan 17

That was my mistake, he put a gag back in my mouth. This time though it wasn’t the ball gag as he had used before. It was a mouth spreader gag made of metal with most of the gag on the outside of my mouth. It really wasn’t a very good gag either. Though my jaw was immobile, my mouth was wide open and noise could escape. I just couldn’t say anything intelligible. Then he removed my blindfold. He took red lipstick and started applying it to my lips. I hate red lipstick, but I didn’t protest. I was too close to orgasm to resist, argue or even try to complain. When he was done, he kissed me on the lips with his mouth wide open, yet he invaded my mouth with his tongue for the first time in my life.


Is today Wednesday? Leather cuffs and crotch rope.

Dec 27

A new idea flashed across her mind, she pulled the rope between her legs and up behind her. She made a loop and threw the rope over the plank above her. She adjusted the rope so her wrists would just meet the loop.

Is today Wednesday? Cuffs and padlock.

Dec 27

She then placed the chrome links of the cuffs into the padlock and with some trouble snapped the lock closed.

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