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Heavy bracelets and heavily boned corset

Feb 11

corsetted slaves

For the flight, she wore a heavily boned corset and a locking
chastity belt. On her wrists, were heavy bracelets which looked
odd, but were discrete as there were electro magnets built in –
when the switch was on, the magnets held the bracelets together
firmly and she was cuffed as well as she would be in any of their
conventional cuffs.

Tied stretched up in corset and boots

Feb 11

stretched up

I saw
the backside of a woman, mostly naked except for an
extremely tight corset, standing with her arms stretched up
to either side of her head then fastened to rings on the
wall, her forehead tipped towards the wall. A wooden bench
with large velvety pillows on it was in front of her at
pelvic level forcing her to bend forward over it as her
hands were secured tightly high against the wall. She had on
a garter belt that I recognized as the one I was wearing,
with tight stockings in tippy toe boots.

Red lines from the tight ropes and discomfort bondage

Jan 22

rope marks

Karen slowly stood up as the last of her rope bonds were released. Her knees and arms ached from their long unnatural constraint. But, despite their treatment, both her nipples and her clitoris were still sufficiently sensitive as to need further arousal. Pleased that she did not feel too sore, Karen wondered she dare request permission to masturbate. While she thought, standing with head bowed, she looked down over her swelling breasts and savored the sight of the red lines that the tight, coarse, rope had indented into the tender flesh. Strange, she thought, after all of that pain, that discomfort, now the sight of the marks excites me.

elbows-together bondage with tight laced corset

Feb 12

He immediately goes to work on her, subjecting her to nipple clamps, tight bondage and an even tighter corset — which he laces her into on camera.



Trisha part 7, chastity and electroplay

Jan 11

I spread my legs for the crotch piece. Gail eased a thin metal probe up my butt. It was connected to a cable that ran from the back of the belt down between my butt-cheeks, widening out into a panel that covered the lips of my sex with a perforated panel. This plate attached up to the post connecting the waist together, and it was all locked in place.


Trisha part 2, rubber bondage, dildos and corset

Jan 4

Linda had me turn around and she closed the corset back, slowly, inexorably pulling my waist in like no diet ever could. I noticed my breathing changing. Each breath now had me breathing from my upper chest. With the bullet bra, I felt each breath in my breasts; quite an odd feeling. Dave had the camcorder linger, watching my breasts go up and down with every breath.



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