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Naked and locked into shackles on the floor

Dec 8

shackled clamped

The men took her by the arms and led her to an open veranda at the front of the house. There, on the floor, was a coil of chain of the thickness and strength of a dog’s lead.
There was a shackle at the end, and this was closed and locked about Toni’s ankle. Only then did they remove the gag.

Asian self bondage, keys and clips

Dec 21

I released my hands, untied the nylon and took off the clips on my nipples. I tried to take off the clips on my anus and vagina, but I couldn’t!
I had to spread my legs wider if I want to take them off, but my legs were chained together! I cried again, I really very badly wanted to take my little torturers off.

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