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Secretary kidnapped, tied and gagged

Aug 6

The two girls take the secretary into
the examination room and place her on a hard chair!
And there he is: Mr Bush the employer! first Lara and Lisa
tie blondie up to the chair,
Lisa takes control over the body, and Lara the feet.
At the same time the other kidnapped secretary
tries with all her power to get rid of the fettles…
kidnapped secretary
…but Lara and Lisa did a great job as always! (more…)

Sandra’s First Time – Part I, Hog-tied, Gagged and Helpless

Jul 23

Sandra looked around the dimly lit bedroom. It looked just like any other dorm-room. Two beds, two desks, one walk-in closet and a big easy chair. She shared this bedroom with her roommate Hannah. Outside the closed door was their small living room and on the other side was another bedroom occupied by their third roommate Tanya.

Sandra looked at the clock on the wall again. Just five minutes had passed since she had looked last. She shifted position slightly on her bed, grunting low as she tried to make her muscles relax. This was not so easy, because Sandra was hog-tied, in fact she was so effectively hog-tied
effectively hog-tied
that she couldn’t really move at all, just flex her fingers and toes and move her head. Sandra was a cute girl with dark-brown hair, usually kept in a ponytail or as today, in braids, her favorite hairstyle. She had a freckled button-nose and beautiful green eyes. She was of average height and had a trim, well-trained body.

She wondered if it was the right thing she had done, taking Tanya up on her dare. She remembered the last time she had been bound and gagged, it was two years ago and she was seventeen at the time. She had accidentally walked in on her cousin Maria who was tied to her bed completely naked. Two of Maria’s friends were teasing and playing with their bound captive and they had caught and tied Sandra to a chair. Later that night, Sandra herself had been tied spread-eagled to the bed completely naked.
naked spread eagled
Maria’s friends had done things to her she never thought was possible and she had had the best orgasm of her inexperienced life.

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