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Naked and locked into shackles on the floor

Dec 8

shackled clamped

The men took her by the arms and led her to an open veranda at the front of the house. There, on the floor, was a coil of chain of the thickness and strength of a dog’s lead.
There was a shackle at the end, and this was closed and locked about Toni’s ankle. Only then did they remove the gag.

Pussy clamps with panties into her mouth

Jun 23

pussy clamps

“Probably should gag your slave before putting
clamps on her pussy, Madam,” suggested
Victoria reached up under her skirt and peeled
off her panties.
“Open, slave-girl,” she commanded of Julie.
“Ooh, your pants look rather wet, Mistress,”
complained Julie.
“Slave girls don’t talk back!” snapped Victoria.
“Besides, you know what I taste like. Open!” Julie
opened her mouth like a baby bird expecting a
worm. The pants were popped into her mouth with
force. Julie’s face flushed as she tasted Victoria
Palmer once again. Victoria put clamps on her
sex lips.

Bondage apartments

Jan 24

This horny bastard proceeds to break into the girl’s apartment, knock them out one by one, and then carries the unconcious beauties off to his dungeon in which the girl’s don’t even realize they have been kidnapped and stored in another apartment in the same building! Each girl is held hostage separately and is forced to listen to their roomates screaming and pleading while being told to comply with all instructions and tasks or else they would never see each other again! Poor Jewell endures a caning, nipple & labia clamps, breast and pussy torture while blindfolded, and strong minded Vicky won’t give up even after a flogging, paddling, pussy clothespins, a zipper, clover clamps, and a caning. Both girl’s are determined to out smart this jerk, but instead find themselves tied together face to face and then forced to watch each other cum!


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