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Country Girl’s Self Bondage

Aug 25

…Bobby started to untie me but I told him to wait. I wanted to see if I could escape. I wriggled and tugged at my ropes and the more I struggled the more turned on I became. 

struggled in ropes

struggled in ropes

My face was pink and I was breathing hard. Bobby thought it was from exertion and told me that I could try all I wanted but I would never get free. He had no clue that getting free was the last thing I wanted. I told him to go away for a while and I would get loose. He went to the house and got a pop from the fridge. I was alone in the barn…


Leather skirt and top chair bound

Jul 21

She starts this bondage set wearing black high-heeled boots, a black leather skirt, and a black leather top with her elbows bound together.
Her wrists are tied and her elbows are also tied pulling them painfully together.
She bound with white rope to the chair, has now been gagged with a waffle ball gag.

leather skirt and top bound

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