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Naked, chained gagged, hanging helpless girl

Dec 8

chained and gagged

She stared at the image in front of her, the naked, chained gagged girl hanging helpless whilst the leather-clad vixen beat her behind, and she suddenly felt a wetness in her crotch such as she had never felt before. She had suspected for a while that her natural propensity was toward submissiveness, but she had never dreamed to what extent she could be aroused by it. Now, as the blows rained down on her throbbing backside, she saw for the first time how such treatment could excite her, and she bit hard on the ball gag as she felt the desires inside her increase.

Whipped and chained naked

Sep 9

‘Would I be tied up?’
‘That’s right.’
‘What would I be whipped with?’
‘A horsewhip. Or a cane. Listen, Toni does the idea really turn you on?’
‘I think it does.’ Toni had no idea why it should be, but her mind was suddenly filled with the image of herself chained naked to the wall whilst her backside was whipped, and the thrill it gave her was totally unexpected.
‘Tomorrow, then,’ said Alex. ‘We’ll do it tomorrow.’
‘Hang on, Alex. I’m not sure.’
‘I am.’

chained whipped

Discomfort from ropes and chains

May 31

bed bondage

They found out when they were called to the employers’ bedroom at ten. Victoria was chained by her wrists to the bed and wore a blindfold.
The girls were stunned at Victoria’s punisment decision. They had expected some sort of physical administration. Victoria was fantastic! The punishment was going to be far worse than any whip or rope discomfort.

Chains and punishment

May 17


She released the two from their chains and
stocks, and joined her husband for a martini. It
was always interesting to notice the different reac-
tion of recipients after a punishment. Laura, the
older, simply lay on her back on the floor, her
hands over her eyes, hoping that time would lessen
the burning in her feet. Sylvia spat out her wet
gag, went to all fours, and shook her hair back and
forth in hurt. Both knew that they would not stand
up again this evening.

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