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Enormous butt plug as punishment for petite young blonde

Feb 11

enormous butt plug

The men were playing cards, and after a few minutes of watching it became evident the stakes were punishments for their girls. The game in play at that moment was for an enormous butt plug. It was narrow at its tip, but widened with each inch, until, ten or twelve inches down, where it abruptly narrowed again, it was thicker than a large man’s fist.

The loser sighed and threw his cards on the table, then motioned to a petite young blonde beside him. She blanched as she looked at the green butt plug sitting on the ground before them. But she crawled forward under their eyes and squatted over it, then began to settle herself slowly down as the men began another game.

She took the first inch without difficulty, and started working herself up and down very slowly. Another inch slid into her, then a third, but now the thing was growing very wide, and she panted and moaned as she tried to sink lower. Another inch, then a fifth pushed up inside her, and still she sank, twisted, rose, sank, twisted, rose, trying to get the rest inside her tight anal tube.

Adventure with corset and plug, part 1

Dec 21

Once I had my corset on, it would be difficult to bend, so next I put on my pantyhose and shoes. Following the theme of drawing attention to my legs, I selected fishnet pantyhose and my black shoes with the 5-inch heels.
I had become quite good at walking in these shoes and anticipated no problems walking through the mall. They had fashionably wide heels and so were quite stable. I had been thinking about getting some shoes with six-inch stiletto heels, which would have added to the excitement of my outfit, but even if I had them, I doubt that I would have courage to wear them in public.

Adventure with corset and plug, part 2

Dec 21

One bench directly faced the place when I would have to sit to recover the key and this was always occupied. After a while my feet began to hurt and I needed to sit down. The ledge in front of the key seemed a little high. I judged that people would be able to look up my mini skirt and see Big Bertha, so I continued walking. But on my next circuit I was delighted to see that the bench was empty. Unfortunately there were still too many shoppers walking by to attempt to recover the key. I decided to sit down on the bench and wait for an opportunity. Holding my knees together to grasp Big Bertha with my thighs, I carefully sat down. The pain was instantaneous. The sudden pressure on Cindy and the butt plug sent pains shooting into me. This was real pain, not the gentler arousing kind. Still holding my knees tightly together, I shifted my weight to one cheek. This helped and the shooting pains subsided, but pain from Cindy continued.

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