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Free Jasmine Sinclair bound and gagged pictures

May 6

jasmine sinclair gagged


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How to mix Football and Bondage

Feb 12

With the boys at the match this would cut down their options for bondage play during the game, so we decided that at the end of the game the losing boy would have to travel home gagged and handcuffed once out of the city. We lived 40 minutes away and so the return car journey would be interesting and hopefully (for the loser) out of sight from other travellers!

After lunch the boys set of for the match and that meant that Lisa and I got ready for the game. We had decided to dress sexily and so chose bra, knickers, stockings & suspenders based on colours of the team we to cheer for. That meant that Lisa changed into a light blue set of underwear with white opaque stockings. As a follower of United I was in a bright red set with black opaque stockings. Until one team went behind we would also wear one of our husbands’ team shirts


Tied for sex

Dec 21

Next, was a hand grabbing the waist band of my new skirt, a ripping sound, and my body was turned again as they cut and pulled it away from me. By now, I was laying on the floor on my stomach. My intruders were pulling my legs up and tying them to my wrists in what is called a hog tie. As I lay there, crying, in pain, scared to death, in only my panties and torn stockings , it seemed to get quiet.

Handcuffs adventures

Dec 20

The note was attached with two clothes pins to her nipples.
I walked in and asked her if she really wanted me to punish her hard.

Country Girl’s Self Bondage

Aug 25

…Bobby started to untie me but I told him to wait. I wanted to see if I could escape. I wriggled and tugged at my ropes and the more I struggled the more turned on I became. 

struggled in ropes

struggled in ropes

My face was pink and I was breathing hard. Bobby thought it was from exertion and told me that I could try all I wanted but I would never get free. He had no clue that getting free was the last thing I wanted. I told him to go away for a while and I would get loose. He went to the house and got a pop from the fridge. I was alone in the barn…


Secretary kidnapped, tied and gagged

Aug 6

The two girls take the secretary into
the examination room and place her on a hard chair!
And there he is: Mr Bush the employer! first Lara and Lisa
tie blondie up to the chair,
Lisa takes control over the body, and Lara the feet.
At the same time the other kidnapped secretary
tries with all her power to get rid of the fettles…
kidnapped secretary
…but Lara and Lisa did a great job as always! (more…)

Beautiful girl hogtied and gagged

Aug 6

Having been drugged earlier by a wily burglar, Christina rests in a deep sleep. The burglar, however, wants to make especially sure that the lady of the house doesn’t wake up from her substance-induced unconscious state.

So she begins to tie her up!

The burglar begins with Christina’s wrists – tying them tightly behind her back.
tied up girl

Barefoot, tickled and bound.

Aug 1

In apt. 230 Lisa, 22, is on her bed reading “the Black House” by Stephen King & Peter Straub. Lisa is on her stomach, legs bent and bare feet crossed at the ankles. We like what we see. Her flat-mate Ilse from Germany is doing push-ups on the floor wearing only panties. It’s very interesting to observe what happens to her breasts every time she goes down. If we go one floor up, we arrive at apt. 303, occupied by Sandra, 20, and Hannah, 19. One bedroom of their two-bedroom apartment is dark. In the living room we see the two good-looking girls sprawled on the sofa, watching TV, their bare feet on the coffee table. In the second bedroom we find Frida, 19, on a bed. She is tightly hog-tied
tightly hog-tied
and has a very big, red ball-gag in her mouth. Saliva is dripping from her lower lip and we meet her large blue eyes. Those eyes could be begging: -Please rescue me! (more…)

The mistress and the maids, part 2

Jul 23

Clara still lay on the bed, tightly bound.
tightly bound on the bed
Half of the day had gone by. She moved painfully, while listening for anyone coming to her rescue. The ropes were getting tighter as she tried to wriggle out of them, and her gag was soaked with her spit. Suddenly she heard a noise outside of the door to the room and tried to call out for help, but the gag prevented her from making a sound. The door opened slowly and Clara saw one of the other maids standing in the doorway. She came quietly into the room and smiled at Clara. Her crisp white apron, white frilly headdress and the black dress were a welcome sight to Clara. She closed the door behind her, found a chair near the wall and sat on it. Clara made big eyes as the maid made herself comfortable instead of freeing her and grunted through her gag.

“I am sorry Emily, but I can’t undo your ropes, Mistress’s orders. I am here to draw your portrait.” The maid said softly, taking a drawing book and a pencil from her pocket in the apron.

Clara couldn’t believe her ears, her ladyship wanted a portrait of her bound and gagged on this bed!

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