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Spy Victoria gagged and cuffed

Jan 17

That was my mistake, he put a gag back in my mouth. This time though it wasn’t the ball gag as he had used before. It was a mouth spreader gag made of metal with most of the gag on the outside of my mouth. It really wasn’t a very good gag either. Though my jaw was immobile, my mouth was wide open and noise could escape. I just couldn’t say anything intelligible. Then he removed my blindfold. He took red lipstick and started applying it to my lips. I hate red lipstick, but I didn’t protest. I was too close to orgasm to resist, argue or even try to complain. When he was done, he kissed me on the lips with his mouth wide open, yet he invaded my mouth with his tongue for the first time in my life.


Trisha part 3, straitjacket and plug

Jan 4

Linda looped the long strap that came from the neck of the straitjacket over my elbows, and tucked it through a loop on my abdomen. She pulled it taut, securing my elbows together in front. Linda pulled the strap between my legs and over the plug, holding it in place. I enjoyed the brief female touch down there, but I could tell that this was just for the photo shoot. Sadly, she didn’t enjoy it as much as I did. She cinched the crotch strap snug, driving the pony plug in a bit deeper.



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