Her swollen tits tied tight, her legs open with spreader bar

Jan 22

tied tits

‘Yes Mistress, tie some rope around the top of her tits, and, please Mistress tie it tight.’

Greta nodded and began looping more rope around and across the smooth upper slopes of Karen’s breasts. As she pulled them tighter she knew that Karen would begin to feel the compression.

‘Aaaaaagghhhhh ummmmmmfffff’. Karen did indeed feel the pressure and tried to protest. In vain.

Greta adjusted the loops and added a couple more, in such a way that Karen’s tits were bound, and in a way supported, from below, while the top thongs compressed her swollen tits downwards. The effect was as if they had been clamped horizontally, flattened above and below but bulging, swelling, jutting, between the ropes. Her tits were bulging, but her nipples were almost popping as the pressure was adjusted.

‘Enough?’ she stare intently at Lisa.

‘Not yet Mistress, shall we open her legs and tie her ankles to a spreader bar?’ Lisa hesitated and added quickly, ‘Yes, please Mistress, do it now.’ It felt strange for Lisa to be giving orders to her mistress but she knew that she was really only doing as she had been told and the whole ritual was fully intended to humiliate Karen as much as possible. She just hoped that her ideas for the tying of Karen’s tits did not upset her, she did not want to offend Karen or lose her friendship.

Ring gag tied tight and secured with a small padlock

Jan 22

ring gagged

‘Open!’ Greta grabbed Karen’s lower jaw. With an ease borne out of experience she slipped the leather covered metal ring into Karen’s gaping mouth, behind her teeth, firmly wedging it wide open.

‘Arrrrrggggh arrrrrrghhhhh!’ Karen babbled helplessly.

‘I like what you say my dear, let me just fasten the strap around your pretty head. ‘You don’t have to stand on tiptoe you know!’ Greta pulled the leather thong tight and secured the clasp with a small padlock. ‘There you are, now you can’t remove it, but you can enjoy it!’

‘Now, that is better, much better. I love a slave who drools. You know how to please me slave Karen!’ Greta casually pinched each erect nipple as she walked across the dungeon, her own spike heels clicking on the hard floor.

Ball gag, ring gag an other instruments of punishment

Jan 22

ring gag

‘Oh, for heavens sake, you are so noisy. I suspect you want a gag to help you. What would you prefer?’ Greta walked over to the well stocked bench at the side of the dungeon.

‘Let me see, let me see. Ah yes, one of these perhaps?’ she held up a black ball shaped gag attached to a fine leather strap, ‘Or this perhaps, you like the dental gag don’t you?’ She looked back at Lisa. ‘Or what about your other favorite, this little ring gag?’

Greta walked back to the cage and held all three instruments of punishment in front of Lisa. ‘You choose!’

‘Please Mistress, please, if I may, can I have the ball gag?’ Lisa pleaded, her eyes wide in anticipation.

‘Oh, you don’t like this little ring then?’

‘Oh, please, no Mistress, no!’

Slave girl bound in uncomfortable cage

Jan 22

girl in cage

Greta turned back to Lisa. ‘Now my dear, you will help me!’ Greta walked over and opened the side of the cage as Karen looked across at the plight that Lisa had landed in.

‘Please, my Mistress, please, please don’t hurt me again.’ Lisa was tearful.

‘Nonsense! Get in, and put your head through the top.’

Lisa moved slowly as Karen stared. Then she saw why Lisa was so frightened. The cage was tall and, allowing for the teetering heels, reached up to Lisa’s shoulders. There was an opening at the top which Greta adjusted for Lisa to stick her head through. Once she was in position she closed the metal circle around her neck.

‘Please Mistress, have pity! Please!’ Lisa was plaintive.

Karen could see more clearly. Around the metal collar, all around the inner face, was a series of long metal spikes, but she could not tell if they were sharp or blunt ended. Either way they looked to be uncomfortable, they were placed in such a way that if Lisa moved her head in any way she would feel the points sticking into her tender neck.


As Greta closed the door, Karen could see that there were similar spikes along the inner face of every bar.

Lisa stood very still indeed. The cage was cunningly designed. As long as the occupant stood perfectly still it was, relatively, comfortable, but any movement would force one or more of the spikes into the naked flesh, causing pain at the very least if not actually breaking the skin.

Punishment shoes with four inch heel are good for slave girl

Jan 22

punishment shoes

‘Here, wear these, I think a four inch heel should be good for you.’ Greta tossed a pair of black mules on to the bed. ‘Quickly, slip them on! I’m sure you won’t find these too high for you.’

Karen picked them up and stared. They were perfectly normal shoes, normal stiletto heels, but a closer inspection showed her that the insole, under the heel, was covered in a pattern of some eight or nine small metal studs. Small studs, with rounded heads that were about the size of match heads. Or small pebbles! Karen winced at the thought.
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Bondage orgasm from rubber phallus vibrations

Jan 22

orgasm tied

As Greta spoke, Lisa started to shudder as the first waves of orgasm coursed through her.

‘Ohhhhhh, yessss!’ Lisa had to vocalise her arousal, she knew that it was obvious to the onlookers and she felt that she should try to extract as much pleasure as she could from her predicament.

Her feet were aching and the pressure as her toes clenched tempted her to relax but she tried to hold her position as long as possible. The relentless vibrations continued and intensified as Greta adjusted her controls.

‘Nooooooo nooooooooo stop! Yesssss, keep on doing it!’ Lisa wanted the pleasure to stop as much as she wanted it to continue.

The tension was building and another massive orgasm shook through her, as her naked body, her heavy bare tits, her shaven mound began to glisten in a soft sheen of sweat. Suddenly, she could take no more and she relaxed her straining feet, settling herself hard upon the tormenting rubber probes. The vibrations stopped and for one brief, happy, moment, nothing happened.

Then she felt the rubber phallus began to pulsate within her wetness. This time the whole length began to expand and she felt her whole cunt, from opening to cervix and beyond being stretched. Lisa tried to withstand the pressure for as long as possible before she stood again on tip toe.

Once more, as the phallus shrank back to its normal size, or at least as normal as was possible. The vibrations started again.

Spreader bar and tip toes bondage with vibrator

Jan 22

tiptoes tied

Karen moved around behind Lisa, still on arched feet, just bearing to hold the position and the minimum contact on her clitoris. Greta was aware of the situation Lisa had found herself in. Standing flat footed was all to easy, and standing on full tip-toe was not too difficult for short periods of time, but standing in a position between the two extremes was both difficult and tiring. Karen adjusted a pair of small switches, one above and one below, the spreader bar. By careful experimentation she finally locked them in position so that if Lisa flattened her feet she would cause the bottom switch to make contact, and if she raised herself right on to tip toe, to remove herself from the pressure of the rubber probes. the upper switch made contact.

‘Excellent!’ Greta gave her customary response. ‘That is excellent. Now let us see what happens when the little slut moves.’

Greta took a final quick check of the arrangement. Lisa was standing on raised feet, her heels still an inch or so off the floor, her arms hanging loosely from the overhead chains.

Satisfied she pressed a switch on her control box. Immediately the dungeon was filled with the sound of the vibrator, clearly at a high setting, judging by the reaction from Lisa. After a few seconds Lisa began to feel uncomfortable and lowered her feet fully on to the floor. As she lowered herself, the lower switch made contact, the vibrator ceased its operation and, unseen to Greta and Karen, the head of the dildo deep inside the warm wet recesses of Lisa’s cunt began to expand. Lisa gasped at the intrusion, as the head of the rubber penis expanded.

Punishment with large rubber dildo and ropes

Jan 22


Karen looked closely. Carefully fixed to the top of the tripod was a large rubber dildo. It was a dildo quite unlike any she had seen before, the head was distinctly larger than life even though the shape faithfully echoed a real life fully aroused male glans. The shaft was more normal in size but it appeared to be well endowed with a number of sort rubber nipples sticking out around the circumference over the lower few inches. At the bottom of the dildo a narrow flange was visible, pointing forward, towards where any clit may come into contact with it. The whole of this flange appeared to covered in a number of quite thin rubber probes, an inch or so long . Coming from underneath was a long thick cable which seemed to be connected to some sort of control box lying on the floor besides Greta’s chair.

The tripod was more robust than a photographic tripod, even though it appeared to have a center column that was adjusted by a rotating wheel. In fact, Karen thought, the mechanism seems suspiciously like an ordinary, well, perhaps not so ordinary, car jack. Turning the wheel would raise, or lower, the central pillar and with it the monstrous black hard rubber dildo.

Red lines from the tight ropes and discomfort bondage

Jan 22

rope marks

Karen slowly stood up as the last of her rope bonds were released. Her knees and arms ached from their long unnatural constraint. But, despite their treatment, both her nipples and her clitoris were still sufficiently sensitive as to need further arousal. Pleased that she did not feel too sore, Karen wondered she dare request permission to masturbate. While she thought, standing with head bowed, she looked down over her swelling breasts and savored the sight of the red lines that the tight, coarse, rope had indented into the tender flesh. Strange, she thought, after all of that pain, that discomfort, now the sight of the marks excites me.

Pain from clamps with extra weights

Jan 22

weighted clamps

Karen picked up a pair of clips and held them up for his approval.

‘Yes, they will be fine, go and attach them to your friend.’. Karen walked back, as both Karl and Greta enjoyed the view.

Once again she started with the right nipple. She thought to herself, as she often had in the past, how small the average mans nipple really was, nothing to pull, and pleasure, like her own swollen cherries. She had learned in what seemed another, earlier, life that Mary loved his nipples teased and she knew that she would have to pinch them to make them sufficiently erect to be able to fit the clips in her hand. As she did so Mary drew breath sharply. The application of the menthol based cream had sensitised her nipples to an extent she had not believed possible. Then, as Karen managed to clip the nipple, she felt the full pressure, the pain even, as the clip bit home and hung from his flesh, the weight of it adding to her distress.

Karen, oblivious to her feelings, and intent on her task, moved to her other nipple and repeated the process, before she stepped away. It was clear, from his increasing erection, that the clamps had the desired effect on Mary.

As she moved away Karl and Greta surveyed Mary in her bondage. Her nipples were clearly distended with the weight of the clips, but Greta wanted more.

‘Karen-slut, go back and hang some of those weights on each miserable nipple.’

Karen teetered across to the bench and picked up four small lead, or was it dull steel, weights, each slightly smaller than a golf ball. She went over to Mary and proceeded to hang one on each nipple clip, making her wince with the added tension.

‘Good, good!’, murmured the watching pair in unison.

‘And the others’, Karl gave his instructions.

Karen proceeded to hang the extra weights very gently and slowly and only released them when she was sure that Mary was ready for the extra torment. This time the pain was quite evident, tears welled in the corners of her eyes and she was obviously on the threshold between pleasure and pain, with pain being at the front of her mind.

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