Chained naked in chastity belt

Feb 11

chastity belt tied

The chastity belt was fitted to
her. She had two, one to be worn alone, and one for over the
corset. Both were made the same way, one being slightly larger
to fit over the corset (even with the waist reduction, there was
a slight swelling to her hips; they had tried to fit the first
belt over the corset and, while it would work, they decided to
spend the money to make a proper fit). There was a locking belt
with a front piece that descended downward between her legs which
ended in two chains going upwards over her ass cheeks to the belt
in back. The front piece fit her pussy closely, with a thin slit
through which the outer lips of her pussy would protrude
slightly, but which prevented insertion of anything. The
pressure on the lips kept her in a constant state of low arousal,
which was just fine, for the both of them.


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