Heavy bracelets and heavily boned corset

Feb 11

corsetted slaves

For the flight, she wore a heavily boned corset and a locking
chastity belt. On her wrists, were heavy bracelets which looked
odd, but were discrete as there were electro magnets built in –
when the switch was on, the magnets held the bracelets together
firmly and she was cuffed as well as she would be in any of their
conventional cuffs.

Lacing the corset on her was always a thrill for both of them.
She didn’t corset every day, being torn by wanting the
compression of the corset and the desire to be essentially naked
under minimal clothing. The chosen corset was a silk brocade
with metal stays every inch, very heavily boned indeed. She
stepped into it, and, with Ike’s help, pulled it up her body.
Her titties rested in half hammocks, and it descended downward to
just above her shaven pussy. In the back, her ass was mostly
bare as the corset came down to just below the start of the crack
of her ass. She held it up as Ike began the first tightening of
the laces. As he did so, she felt herself begin to fall into the
grip of the garment.

After he tied it off the first time, she did some stretching
exercises. They had found this to be helpful so that the corset,
while still somewhat lose, might accommodate itself to her
figure; she also was able to release any skin folds. Then she
grasped the post of their bed, and the serious lacing began. Her
breath began to come in short, shallow gasps; sweat beads had
begun to pop out on Ike’s forehead and his breathing had grown
more ragged.

When he tied it off the second time, Mary held on to the post for
a few seconds, and then turned to him with that sneaky smile on
her face. For years, he had known that smile: she was turned on.
It still baffled the two of them how getting laced into a corset
would turn her on, but it sure as hell did.

Because of her fairly rigid posture, positions were somewhat
limited; but, over the last few months, it had become their
chosen way to butt fuck when she was in her corset. She bent
just a bit, reached behind her as best she could to grasp her ass
cheeks and pull them apart, and Ike just stepped up; and, holding
her shoulders, he pressed into her.

It never ceased to amaze her: before the corset, she really
hadn’t looked forward to butt fucking. Oh, the stuffing of her
ass was good, but….well, it just wasn’t something she looked
forward to with a keen desire. And then came the corset, and she
wanted him in her ass all the time. Who the hell cared why, it
was just great. Ike wondered why the hell he hadn’t bought her
the corset years before!

Later, when he had withdrawn, and then had helped her to clean up
(with a wry, inward grin, she thought the corset did have it’s
benefits), she again grasped the post, and Ike continued the
constriction. As the corset closed in on her, relentlessly, she
began to sense the moment when she would swoon. Geeze, the first
time she had swooned while Ike was tightening the laces, he had
been scarred out of his wits. She had just dropped, like a
stone, without warning. Momentarily witless, he took a scissors
and cut all the laces, and then was on the verge of calling the
rescue squad when she began to come to. Her reaction utterly
startled him: she giggled. From then on, when they wanted the
constriction to be maximum, she would be laced to swooning. He
would ease her down to the bed, and then loosen the laces just a
tiny bit before tieing them off as he waited for her to come
around. Mary had discussed this with her doctor, who was amused
but who assured them no serious harm would occur provided they
continued the habit of the slight loosening to ensure proper
blood supply to her head.

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