Gagged slave girl without able to bite down

Feb 11

gagged open

I had no sooner opened my
mouth when I felt her fingers slide something between my
teeth, forcing them open perhaps an inch. I instinctively
pushed my tongue forward to explore this invasion of my
mouth only to find nothing there; my tongue went right past
my teeth and out through my lips! I felt around with my
tongue to discover that an insert had been placed to prevent
my teeth from coming together. The restraint had a large
round opening directly in front, between my upper and lower
teeth, and was obviously pliable at the inner circular edges
with the force of my tongue. With it in place, anyone could
force something past my lips and into my mouth, without my
able to bite down on the foreign object or otherwise prevent
them from doing so. I could open my jaw further, but not
close my teeth closer than maybe an inch or inch and a half.
This restraint did not prevent my lips from closing however,
with effort I could bring them all the way together. I could
feel tiny rods extend from the sides of the insert outward
past the corners of my mouth. My exploring done, I
considered opening my mouth as wide as I could to force this
thing from my mouth…

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