Tied in metal breasts torture device

Feb 11

breasts torture device

As I stepped up to the device, my neck fit up to a
semicircular ring, or collar, that was also permanently
fixed to the framework. I could have pulled my upper body
back, to remove my neck from contact with the ring, but saw
no immediate reason to do so. The core of the ring, while
obviously metal, was covered with a plush padded wrap. A set
of small diameter holes could be seen around the top of the
ring. She wrapped a soft strap about each thigh and pulled
them snug to the frame. The front on my legs were pulled
into a set of pads that kept my legs straight, and slightly
spread. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it was obvious that I
had lost control of my leg movement. Another soft strap went
about my lower torso, slightly above my hips, and another
just below my armpits. As she tightened both of these, my
body was likewise pulled tight to the frame. There were no
pads or other obstructions in proximity of my breasts, but
there was a curved plate, with two round cut-outs where a
larger set of breasts could fit. My chest was forced tightly
against this plate. I could feel pressure all about, but
aside from my bra, there were no sensations from my breasts.
She left my brassiere in place, my small mounds now
protruding firmly out from my chest.

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