Her swollen tits tied tight, her legs open with spreader bar

Jan 22

tied tits

‘Yes Mistress, tie some rope around the top of her tits, and, please Mistress tie it tight.’

Greta nodded and began looping more rope around and across the smooth upper slopes of Karen’s breasts. As she pulled them tighter she knew that Karen would begin to feel the compression.

‘Aaaaaagghhhhh ummmmmmfffff’. Karen did indeed feel the pressure and tried to protest. In vain.

Greta adjusted the loops and added a couple more, in such a way that Karen’s tits were bound, and in a way supported, from below, while the top thongs compressed her swollen tits downwards. The effect was as if they had been clamped horizontally, flattened above and below but bulging, swelling, jutting, between the ropes. Her tits were bulging, but her nipples were almost popping as the pressure was adjusted.

‘Enough?’ she stare intently at Lisa.

‘Not yet Mistress, shall we open her legs and tie her ankles to a spreader bar?’ Lisa hesitated and added quickly, ‘Yes, please Mistress, do it now.’ It felt strange for Lisa to be giving orders to her mistress but she knew that she was really only doing as she had been told and the whole ritual was fully intended to humiliate Karen as much as possible. She just hoped that her ideas for the tying of Karen’s tits did not upset her, she did not want to offend Karen or lose her friendship.

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