Ring gag tied tight and secured with a small padlock

Jan 22

ring gagged

‘Open!’ Greta grabbed Karen’s lower jaw. With an ease borne out of experience she slipped the leather covered metal ring into Karen’s gaping mouth, behind her teeth, firmly wedging it wide open.

‘Arrrrrggggh arrrrrrghhhhh!’ Karen babbled helplessly.

‘I like what you say my dear, let me just fasten the strap around your pretty head. ‘You don’t have to stand on tiptoe you know!’ Greta pulled the leather thong tight and secured the clasp with a small padlock. ‘There you are, now you can’t remove it, but you can enjoy it!’

‘Now, that is better, much better. I love a slave who drools. You know how to please me slave Karen!’ Greta casually pinched each erect nipple as she walked across the dungeon, her own spike heels clicking on the hard floor.

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