Ball gag, ring gag an other instruments of punishment

Jan 22

ring gag

‘Oh, for heavens sake, you are so noisy. I suspect you want a gag to help you. What would you prefer?’ Greta walked over to the well stocked bench at the side of the dungeon.

‘Let me see, let me see. Ah yes, one of these perhaps?’ she held up a black ball shaped gag attached to a fine leather strap, ‘Or this perhaps, you like the dental gag don’t you?’ She looked back at Lisa. ‘Or what about your other favorite, this little ring gag?’

Greta walked back to the cage and held all three instruments of punishment in front of Lisa. ‘You choose!’

‘Please Mistress, please, if I may, can I have the ball gag?’ Lisa pleaded, her eyes wide in anticipation.

‘Oh, you don’t like this little ring then?’

‘Oh, please, no Mistress, no!’

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