Bondage orgasm from rubber phallus vibrations

Jan 22

orgasm tied

As Greta spoke, Lisa started to shudder as the first waves of orgasm coursed through her.

‘Ohhhhhh, yessss!’ Lisa had to vocalise her arousal, she knew that it was obvious to the onlookers and she felt that she should try to extract as much pleasure as she could from her predicament.

Her feet were aching and the pressure as her toes clenched tempted her to relax but she tried to hold her position as long as possible. The relentless vibrations continued and intensified as Greta adjusted her controls.

‘Nooooooo nooooooooo stop! Yesssss, keep on doing it!’ Lisa wanted the pleasure to stop as much as she wanted it to continue.

The tension was building and another massive orgasm shook through her, as her naked body, her heavy bare tits, her shaven mound began to glisten in a soft sheen of sweat. Suddenly, she could take no more and she relaxed her straining feet, settling herself hard upon the tormenting rubber probes. The vibrations stopped and for one brief, happy, moment, nothing happened.

Then she felt the rubber phallus began to pulsate within her wetness. This time the whole length began to expand and she felt her whole cunt, from opening to cervix and beyond being stretched. Lisa tried to withstand the pressure for as long as possible before she stood again on tip toe.

Once more, as the phallus shrank back to its normal size, or at least as normal as was possible. The vibrations started again.

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