Barefoot, tickled and bound.

Aug 1

In apt. 230 Lisa, 22, is on her bed reading “the Black House” by Stephen King & Peter Straub. Lisa is on her stomach, legs bent and bare feet crossed at the ankles. We like what we see. Her flat-mate Ilse from Germany is doing push-ups on the floor wearing only panties. It’s very interesting to observe what happens to her breasts every time she goes down. If we go one floor up, we arrive at apt. 303, occupied by Sandra, 20, and Hannah, 19. One bedroom of their two-bedroom apartment is dark. In the living room we see the two good-looking girls sprawled on the sofa, watching TV, their bare feet on the coffee table. In the second bedroom we find Frida, 19, on a bed. She is tightly hog-tied
tightly hog-tied
and has a very big, red ball-gag in her mouth. Saliva is dripping from her lower lip and we meet her large blue eyes. Those eyes could be begging: -Please rescue me!

Frida was very nervous as she walked the last hundred yards towards the apartment building where she would live. Apt. 303, a small flat that she would share with two total strangers, would be her home for the coming year. It was natural for a young girl of nineteen to be nervous as she moved to a University, but for Frida, it was extra nervous as she also moved from her native Sweden across the Atlantic to the United States.

She had been accepted by a student exchange program and would study English and Political Science at a University somewhere on the East Coast. As she arrived at the airport she was driven by a coordinator to the campus and was introduced to some of the officials at the administration building. A nice female student showed her around campus and after the tour, she was directed to the building where she would live. Carrying her suitcase and knapsack she walked up to the Andrea Neal building where her new home was.

Sandra was on her bed trying to read a book, but her mind wandered elsewhere. The cute girl of twenty had her long dark-brown hair in braids, her favourite hairstyle. She had a freckled button-nose and lovely green eyes. Today she was dressed in low-cut, baggy Adidas training-pants and a short sleeveless top. She was on her stomach, resting her chin in her hands and her legs were bent, ankles crossed in that all-time favourite position girls use when reading. As usual during the warm season she was barefoot.

Although her book about American History was interesting, it couldn’t keep her mind from thinking of the adventures she had had during the last year. She had been staying in the flat for a year now, sharing it with Hannah and Tanya. Tanya was the one that had introduced both her younger flat-mates to her style of a game and yesterday’s had been one of the best ever. It had been Tanya’s farewell-party as the older girl had moved into an apartment in town with her girlfriend Corky.

Tanya had been the dominant party of the three girls living in the apartment. She had tied both the other girls on several occasions and played with them, teased and tickled them. Last night Sandra and Hannah had talked Tanya’s girlfriend Corky into helping them get Tanya tied to the bed. Corky was a dark-haired tough girl that favoured army boots and leather jackets. That evening the three girls had overpowered Tanya and tied her naked to the bed and tickled and teased her for hours as playful payback for what she had given them during the last year. At the end, when she was released Tanya had admitted she liked it a lot, but that she always enjoyed tying them up more. She promised she’d be back some day and play some more…

Sandra was thinking of the great sensation from yesterday when she had been the one doing the tickling, having Tanya at her mercy, when the doorbell rang. She jumped up and checked herself in the mirror. She hoped the new girl would be a nice one, and hopefully someone who they could include in their games, now that their former room-mate Tanya had moved.

Sandra opened the door and greeted the new girl. -Hi, I’m Frida, your new flat-mate, said the girl outside the door in a quite heavy Scandinavian accent.

-Come in, I’m Sandra, she replied and let the girl in.

As they studied each other, both girls started laughing. They were so alike they could be sisters.

Frida was of the same height and athletic build as Sandra. She had red, not brown hair, but had hers in braids just as Sandra. She had a freckled button nose and a wide mouth with full lips and blue eyes, the shade of turquoise. She was dressed in a pair of tight, faded Levi’s and a short T-shirt that showed a flat stomach with a little silver ring in her navel. Around her wrists and neck were leather-thongs with beads.

Frida looked at Sandra as she stood barefoot in the hall. She kicked off her white Nikes and placed them on the shoe-rack by the door.

-I always like going barefoot around the house, said Frida. I see you do too!

Sandra showed Frida the flat. Hannah who had lived there the longest would take the single bedroom and Frida would share with Sandra. The two girls immediately liked each other and found it very funny they not only looked alike, they moved the same way, used the same gestures and dressed much the same.

They sat down on their beds, both cross-legged, and started telling each other about themselves. Later Hannah returned, being her usual frisky and happy self and the three girls stayed up long that evening chatting.

Part Two, Watching Video-tapes
The three girls got along very nicely the first week. Hannah and Sandra didn’t dare tell Frida about their passion for special games at first, but one day they had to. The term’s classes had not yet started fully, so the girls had a lot of free time and the dorm was not fully occupied. One evening Frida was alone in the apartment. She was on her stomach on the floor, rummaging through some of the girls’ videocassettes. As usual she was barefoot, dressed in faded jeans and a tank top. Most of her hair was in a ponytail, except for a few strands at the front that she had made thin braids of. She giggled as she watched a video of the girls partying, but suddenly she was stunned as she saw another piece of footage recorded over the original.

It showed Sandra, bunny jumping into the room. Her flat-mate was tied hand and foot and gagged. Frida was immediately interested because she herself had been tied up on many occasions as a teenager. During games with her brothers and cousins she had often been tied up and tickled. She had actually enjoyed the excitement of being tied up and even liked being tickled to a certain extent. She was deadly ticklish and too much of it made her freak out. Her interest in the video was even more keen as she saw Hannah and another girl stripping Sandra and tying her spread-eagle to the bed and then teasing and tickling the naked girl. She couldn’t believe her eyes. On the screen, they were doing to Sandra what she had only dreamt of could happen when you were tied up. Frida suddenly realized that she really had to go into the shower and cool off.

As Frida was in the shower Sandra returned. She kicked her sneakers off and walked barefoot into the living room. Today she was dressed in baggy training-pants and a tight top with an “Iron Maiden” print on the front. Her brown hair was in two pigtails. Sandra stopped and looked at the TV. It showed only “War of the Ants” but a cassette was on the floor beside the VCR. She picked it up and put it in the machine and pressed “play”. Sandra blushed as she saw herself on the bed, naked, spread-eagled
spread-eagled bound
with a ball-gag in her mouth, moaning and giggling as Tanya and Hannah were tickling and teasing her.

-So little Miss Scandinavia has been snooping around, she thought. Perhaps we’ll have to teach her a lesson tonight.

Part III, Playing a Game
The three girls were in the living room that night. As usual all three of them were barefoot. Hannah had tight jeans and a short top, the other two were dressed as before. Hannah’s hair was in a ponytail. They were sharing a bottle of German White and were quite giggly. Sandra led the conversation into fantasies and suddenly asked Frida:

-Have you ever fantasized about being tied up?

-Like you were in that video? Frida answered, biting her tongue at once.

-Do you know about that? Sandra said mocking the other girl.

-Well, I accidentally saw it earlier today, it was cool. I think I would like to try that sometime, Frida said looking innocent.

-Perhaps we’ll have to start by finding out how ticklish you are, Sandra laughed and jumped her flat-mate and pushed her to the floor. The two girls rolled around the floor, trying to tickle each other. Soon Sandra got the better of her friend, digging her fingers into Frida’s sides, making her scream. After a while Sandra was sitting on Frida’s stomach, while Hannah held her arms above her head. Sandra tickled Frida’s tummy and under her arms and Frida was squealing and giggling.

-Get some rope, Sandra said to Hannah. While Hannah was getting a piece of rope, Sandra flipped the out-of-breath Frida over on her stomach and forced the helpless girl’s hands behind her back. Hannah returned and soon Frida lay on the floor with her hands tied behind her.

-Now we can really tickle you, you snoop, Sandra laughed. She went to the walk-in closet to get some more rope.

Before any of them could do anything Frida managed to get to her feet and fled out in the hallway. With her tied hands she flipped the lock and ran out in the corridor outside. Sandra and Hannah followed, making chase of their bound friend. Frida ran down the stairs and rushed into the common- room area. Many of the other students looked puzzled at her, a barefoot girl with her hands tied being chased by two other barefoot girls.

-Stop her, Sandra shouted.

A big fullback from the football-team stepped up and grabbed Frida around the waist and picked her up like she weighed nothing. Frida tried to kick him with her bare feet.

Sandra laughed as she went up to them.

-Hey, it’s only a little initiation-game, she said. Could you help carrying her back to our room?

The guy agreed willingly. He slung Frida over his shoulder, placing a big hand on her bum firmly. All the other laughed, crazy initiations were normal around the dorms.

Frida was carried back to their rooms where the footballer dumped her on the floor and held her while Sandra and Hannah quickly tied her kicking feet and hog-tied the struggling girl.

They thanked the footballer who really wanted to hang around and see what was going to happen, but he was gently pushed out. Sandra went to the closet and came back with a blue ball-gag. She held it out before Frida’s eyes and said:

-Have you ever tried one of these?

Frida shook her head no, but willingly opened her mouth wide. Sandra pushed the blue 2″ inch ball between her hog-tied friend’s teeth and it settled nicely in her mouth. Securing the strap behind Frida’s neck made the ball go further into her mouth. She bit gently down on the ball, feeling the rubbery texture with her tongue. Frida had been gagged with many objects before like dirty old socks, washcloths and even a lime once, but this gag was really something extra.

Finally Sandra took a piece of string and tied Frida’s big toes together,
big toes tied together
then the tickle-torture started. Both Hannah and Sandra sat cross-legged beside Frida and they started by gently stroking her bare soles, making the girl giggle. Frida had very cute feet with soft soles that wrinkled when she tried to ball up her toes to avoid her friends to tickle them.

The stroking became scratching with their long nails and they proceeded by poking between her toes and tickling every inch of her bare feet. Frida was soon drooling from her ball-gag and was screaming with laughter. They tickled her for ten minutes at a time, giving her a few minutes rest. The torture continued for a whole hour and they finished by putting Frida on her side and tickling her belly button and breasts after they had pulled her top up. When the torture was finally over they released their fried.

-Wow! That was awesome, Frida said grinning happily.

-Did you really like it? asked Hannah, because we both like to be tickled and tickle.

-Yeah, it was so cool.

-Then I guess we’ll have many good sessions ahead of us, Sandra said. The next time we’ll kidnap you and tie you to the bed, but we’ll not tell you when!

That night Frida couldn’t stop thinking of the cruel tickling she had been subjected to. She really had enjoyed it. She thought of all the times her brothers and cousins had tied her up and tickled her. This was by far the best ever tickling she had got.

Part IV, Frida Learns “Real” Tickle-torture
Hannah and Sandra spent some time the next day plotting how to kidnap and really tickle-torturing Frida. They remembered when Tanya had “introduced” them to real, full-body tickling and teasing and how they both had enjoyed it. They decided to do it this evening when Frida was still unsuspecting. She had been asking a lot of questions about the tie-up sessions.

Later that evening, the three girls were sitting around the living room table chatting. All three of them of course barefoot. Frida had her hair in a lose ponytail completed by several thin braids at the front, Sandra’s was in pigtails and Hannah’s in a ponytail. All three girls had tight, low-cut jeans and short sleeveless tops that showed pierced cute bellybuttons.

Frida asked more questions about their interest for tie-up games. Sandra told her the story of how she had been kidnapped by her cousin’s friends, tied to the bed and tickled and teased. Hannah told about all the times she had been tied up and tickled by her brothers as a kid and teen. She even told about her first orgasm as she was tied to a board and tickled under the soles of her feet.

All three girls agreed that they had the same fascination for being tied and teased sexually. They also agreed that they probably wouldn’t ever let a boy do it to them.

When Sandra asked Frida about her interest, the Swedish girl told them about how she as a kid and teen had spent every summer at a farm with her cousins. The kids had spent the whole summers barefoot, Frida loved to go barefoot, both in- as outdoors. She and her cousin Fia had both been real tomboys, playing rough games with the boys.

Frida told them how she had been tied up and tickled so many times each summer that she couldn’t remember how many total hours she had spent bound and gagged. When she came into her teens she had started to find the tie-ups arousing. She didn’t know how the boys felt but her cousin Fia had agreed with her. She had just loved the helpless feeling of being bound, gagged and tickled. Once they had tied her to a tree just by an ant-hill and left her there for over an hour, tortured by the small ants scurrying all over her bare feet and legs. Another time she had been in the hayloft, hands bound behind her and her bare feet tied, being tickled by one of the boys’ friends. He had held her feet in his lap and tickled her crazy. Later he had unbuttoned her shirt to tickle her belly, but found her nipples rock-hard. Frida had told him to lick them and that was her debut as having sex while bound.

She had never dared to ask any boyfriend to tie her up.

After chatting they decided to play cards. When Frida lost a round the other two made her pay by going down to the small store at the bottom of the building and get crisps. Being her true nature-child self, Frida walked barefoot down the hall and to the elevator. The other two girls started preparing for her surprise.

When Frida came back the apartment was empty and dark.

-Hello! she shouted, feeling a little scared.

She walked in to one of the bedrooms where she was grabbed from behind and forced down on her stomach on the bed.

-Gotcha! Her two friends cried happily.

-Now you are our prisoner and you’ll have to do whatever we say you must!

-OK, said Frida.

-Face down on the bed, said Hannah. Hands behind your back.

As Frida obeyed they started to tie her up like she had never been before. They used soft, white cotton rope. The idea for this extremely strict hog-tie came from a picture they had found on the Internet where a cute blonde girl was hog-tied very firmly and gagged with a big ball-gag. They tied her hands palm-to-palm and then her elbows tightly together. Frida was very flexible and it posed no problem to tie her so her elbows met. The girls then started to tie her feet together.

They proceeded to tie her legs below and above the knees and tied a rope from Frida’s bound wrists and back to the feet that was as close to her hands that she could easily grab her ankles. At this moment Frida thought to herself:

-I can actually tickle myself in this position.

She giggled as they tightened the hog-tie even more. Sandra took a piece of string and tied Frida’s big toes together, she then connected the string with Frida’s ponytail, forcing her to curl her toes and lift her head.

The hog-tie was tight but not uncomfortably so…yet. To finish the tying Sandra produced a ball-gag, 2,5″ inches wide, bigger than the one used before. Frida had a rather wide mouth with full lips and it filled the hog-tied Frida’s mouth up nicely. When Hannah and Sandra had bought the gag they had tried it on each other. Hannah who was the smallest couldn’t get the ball fully into her mouth, but Sandra could. She thought it a little too big to be nice. She liked the blue 2″ inch better.

Frida was now totally hog-tied and helpless…and loving it. It was such a snug and strict hog-tie that the only parts of her body she could actually move were her fingers and some toes. The rest of her was immobile. The big ball-gag had already made her start to drool.
ball gag drool
Hannah and Sandra couldn’t help themselves, they spent the next fifteen minutes cruelly tickling Frida all over her body. They rolled Frida over on her side and hitched her top up over her breasts. They were of mid-size and very firm, standing out like marines at attention, tanned and with perky, pink, rock-hard nipples. The girls were concentrating on her bare soles and helpless toes as well as her breasts and underarms.

After this initial tickle-torture Sandra slapped Frida hard on one buttock and said: -Have a nice time, we’ll come back and torture you more later.

And they went into the living room to watch some TV while Frida lay hog-tied on her bed, just as we saw her in the beginning. After about an hour the girls started to prepare the four-poster bed to accommodate Frida for her first session of tickle-torture and teasing. They got their equipment from a cupboard, some nice devices for both pleasure and torment…

Part V, Frida Goes to Wonderland
After being firmly hog-tied for an hour Frida’s muscles started to ache and the ropes cut into her skin. The string around her big toes was rather uncomfortable as she was forced to hold her head up. She had drooled a lot from her big ball-gag. That was embarrassing. She was relieved when her two friends came in to release her. She knew that what was to come was an even worse torture than she had ever known, but she actually looked forward to it. Hannah and Sandra undid the toe-tie and the hog-tie and removed the ball-gag, wiping Frida’s mouth with a cloth. She flexed her jaw that had been wide open for so long due to the big ball-gag. Hannah tied a bandana over Frida’s eyes and they stood her up.

-You’re now going to bunny-jump when I tell you to, just follow my instructions, Sandra said. Hannah captured all of this on the small VHS camera that had recorded so many memorable occasions in the girls’ apartment.

Totally helpless and blind Frida started to bunny-jump forward. After three jumps Sandra told her to stop and turn left and so they continued until Frida had jumped all the way to the big bed in Hannah’s room. It is very difficult to bunny-jump when you’re blindfolded, it makes your balance much worse. Frida remembered an occasion when she was fourteen at her cousin’s farm. She was captured together with her cousin Fia and taken to the barn and the hayloft. Both girls were bound hand and foot, barefoot and blindfolded. The cousins had made the girls bunny-jump off a plank that was sticking out from a gallery several meters above the hay. She had been dead-scared but jumped anyway. She had curled her toes and felt for the end of the plank for every jump, but in the end she had fallen forward screaming and turning over in the air falling into the hay. The guys had then hoisted her back up using the hay-crane. They tied a rope from the crane to her feet and she was hoisted upside down. That had been really cool.

Now Frida was sitting on the bed. Sandra undid her ropes and she was ordered to strip naked. She did and the girls tied her to the bed, tight and spread-eagled. Then they left.

Frida was lying totally naked and helpless, blindfolded and just a little bit scared.

-What were they going to do to her?

She felt a throbbing feeling of excitement both between her legs and in her nipples.

Suddenly she screamed. They had started to tickle her feet. Sandra and Hannah tickled a bare foot each, going at it with violent passion. Frida screamed with laughter, giggling and crying. They tickled her for fifteen minutes and then stopped. Frida screamed again as they started on her stomach, inner thighs and around her belly button. After fifteen minutes they stopped and took the blindfold off. Frida was screaming so hard that they gagged her again with the big ball-gag. Now came the different props. They used feathers on her underarms, breasts and between her toes. Ice-cubes were slowly drawn over her warm skin making her shiver. Hannah placed a clothespin on each of Frida’s nipples, happily watching the bound girl’s eyes go wide. Frida felt the pain first and then a very arousing sexual throbbing.

She was starting to go crazy now. She screamed and moaned behind her ball-gag sending sprays of saliva as she cursed her tormentors. Sandra was sitting on her stomach, tickling her nipples and underarms, her face close to Frida’s saying: -Well little miss Scandinavia, you like this don’t you?

Frida raised her head trying to bite Sandra but the ball-gag stopped her. She was cursing in Swedish now, pleading for them to stop, using every bad word she knew, but of course the big ball-gag prevented the words from forming. All that came out were helpless “Mmmmphs”. At the same time Hannah was using an electrical tooth-brush on her bare soles and Frida felt her head spinning, she was going to faint.

Sandra had seen the signs too and both girls stopped their tickling. A quick look at the clock on the wall said they had been tickling Frida for nearly two hours. Now it was time for Frida to get her orgasm.

Part VI, Frida Goes Over the Top
She was breathing very heavily, her head spinning. She knew were she was but couldn’t really concentrate to know exactly why. Her muscles ached from laughing so hard and her skin tingled all over from the intense tickling. She swallowed another flood of drool that had formed in her mouth.

-God that ball-gag was big!

Her jaws were wide open and during the tickling she had bit down on the ball, but that didn’t help. She had seen pictures of girls bound and gagged with these enormous ball-gags on the net, and always thought it was impossible to fit one in her own mouth. Suddenly Sandra and Hannah started to caress her in a different way than the tickling they had done before. She shivered with pleasure and raised her head to look what was happening. Sandra was kneeling between her legs, softly caressing her inner thighs, going in small circles closer and closer… Hannah was licking her nipples, alternating from one to the other. Frida had never had sex with a girl before, yet not two at the same time. Sandra got closer and closer and suddenly Frida heard a soft hum and felt a vibrating device touch her most sensitive spot.

Oh God what a lovely feeling.

Sandra used their good old vibrator and soon Frida was pushing her hips up and down, moaning with pleasure. When her body got stiff and tense, Sandra stopped for a short while, then continued.

Frida screamed behind her gag, living the most pleasurable time ever. When she finally came, she was so happy for the feeling, but suddenly Sandra continued. She couldn’t take anymore, once was enough.

But it wasn’t. They made her go over the top again and again, screaming louder for each trip to paradise. When they finally stopped Frida had been tied to the bed for three hours. They gently removed the ball-gag and undid the ropes binding her. Frida had a shower and came out with wet hair and a happy smile, dressed in only panties and an oversized T-shirt.

-Well guys! That was the best time ever, it was so cool! Can I tie you two up tomorrow?

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