Her arms tied high above her head, spreadeagled into an X-shape bondage

Dec 8


Toni tugged at the bonds that held her arms stretched high above her head, trying in vain to find some relief from the stiffness in her joints as she twisted her naked body from side to side. She glanced across at the mirror opposite her on the wall. What she saw was a lovely young girl, her limbs forcibly spreadeagled into an X-shape by the cruel ropes that held her to the frame, her mouth forced open by a black leather ball-gag that left her incapable of speech. Her gaze travelled down her body, taking in the tension in her limbs, her muscles taut, her young breasts stretched almost oval by her bondage. She glanced down at her sex, remarking on the way the lips had been shaved of all hair, leaving only the neat, dark triangle that covered her pubic mound.

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