Tied with her arms and legs pulled wide apart

Sep 9

“Tie her!” ordered Isabel.
Marta and Ilana grabbed Toni’s arms again, pulling them from her body, so that she was mortified to find herself uncovered before the three women. Then she realised they had pulled lengths of strong nylon rope from their pockets and were tying her hands. Toni struggled with all her might, but she was no match for the two older women who, having tied the rope tightly about her wrists, slung the ends over a pair of sturdy water pipes that ran across the ceiling, yanking down hard so that Toni’s arms were pulled apart and upwards, until she was almost on tiptoe.

tied wide

But worse was to come. No sooner had they secured her arms than they began to fasten more rope to her ankles. These too they stretched apart and fastened to the heaviest of the armchairs. Once these were secure they stood back to admire their handiwork.
Toni was stretched into an X shape, her arms and legs pulled wide apart. A mirror fixed to the wall in front of her reflected her helpless body, and she groaned with embarrassment as she saw how blatantly the position displayed her breasts and sex to her three captors.

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