Sandra’s First Time – Part I, Hog-tied, Gagged and Helpless

Jul 23

Sandra looked around the dimly lit bedroom. It looked just like any other dorm-room. Two beds, two desks, one walk-in closet and a big easy chair. She shared this bedroom with her roommate Hannah. Outside the closed door was their small living room and on the other side was another bedroom occupied by their third roommate Tanya.

Sandra looked at the clock on the wall again. Just five minutes had passed since she had looked last. She shifted position slightly on her bed, grunting low as she tried to make her muscles relax. This was not so easy, because Sandra was hog-tied, in fact she was so effectively hog-tied
effectively hog-tied
that she couldn’t really move at all, just flex her fingers and toes and move her head. Sandra was a cute girl with dark-brown hair, usually kept in a ponytail or as today, in braids, her favorite hairstyle. She had a freckled button-nose and beautiful green eyes. She was of average height and had a trim, well-trained body.

She wondered if it was the right thing she had done, taking Tanya up on her dare. She remembered the last time she had been bound and gagged, it was two years ago and she was seventeen at the time. She had accidentally walked in on her cousin Maria who was tied to her bed completely naked. Two of Maria’s friends were teasing and playing with their bound captive and they had caught and tied Sandra to a chair. Later that night, Sandra herself had been tied spread-eagled to the bed completely naked.
naked spread eagled
Maria’s friends had done things to her she never thought was possible and she had had the best orgasm of her inexperienced life.

Now she had basically volunteered for the same thing again. The result was that she was on her bed, hog-tied and tightly gagged with a cloth in her mouth, held in by a tight cleave gag.
tight cleave gagged
Being bound and gagged made her feel very excited and she decided that what was to come would probably be as wonderful as that first experience had been. She was a little anxious about the tickling though. She was extremely ticklish and her roommate knew it. Before leaving Sandra on the bed, Tanya had enjoyed herself for a while by tickling Sandra’s bare feet. Sandra knew there would be more tickling to come and being so extremely ticklish, she wondered if she was going to be able to take it. Being tickled was nice in a way, but it could also be pure torture.

Part II, The Dare
It had all started the night before. Sandra and her roommates had been sitting in their living room, drinking wine and just talking about this and that. The topic had of course been boys and sex, and soon the conversation developed into a game of “truth and dare”. When Sandra told them, blushing and giggling, how she had been tied to a bed and teased by a boy and a girl, they didn’t believe her at first. When Sandra told them about the ball-gag, Tanya made an experienced nod and asked her about how it had felt being gagged with a big rubber ball. Hannah had never ever heard of a ball-gag, but she had much experience of gags and being tied up as her brothers had frequently tied her up from the time they were kids up to their mid-teens.

“Would you do it again if it was with someone you trusted?” Tanya asked Sandra with a smile.

“Yeah, of course, it was the best sex of my life,” Sandra said and continued, “but I have never felt comfortable telling my boyfriends about it.”

“You know sex is always better without boys,” Tanya said with a smile.

Tanya was an exotic looking girl of twenty, she had shoulder-length, jet-black hair and deep-blue eyes. She was a beauty and had the body of an amazon, with well-toned muscles. Tanya was half Ukrainian and was on the College team for Martial Arts.

Hannah was her total opposite, a rather shy girl of eighteen. She had a cute face and big, blue eyes. Her hair was blond and long, usually kept in a ponytail. She was a true country girl, coming from a rural part of Wisconsin where she had grown up with four older brothers.

The conversation ended as the girls went to bed, but Sandra lay awake for awhile, thinking about that lovely experience two years ago.

Part III, Kidnapped
Sandra was walking home the next day, a Saturday. The dorm was nearly empty, many students had gone home for the extended weekend. She wore faded Levi’s and a short, tight top with thin shoulder straps and was barefoot in a pair of white Nikes. As usual her long dark-brown hair was in braids and she had a Maple Leaves cap on, visor back.

Sandra entered the dorm and went up to her floor. She opened the door to their little apartment and walked inside, kicking off her sneakers by the door. The apartment was dark, both Tanya and Hannah were away until late that evening. Suddenly someone grabbed her from behind, gripping her arms tightly and a hand covered her mouth. Sandra squealed and tried to scream. She was pushed forward into her room and facedown onto her bed.

Her attacker started to laugh. It was Tanya.

“Now you’re kidnapped little girl,” she said in her best villain’s voice.
kidnapped girl
Sandra played along and nodded her head. Tanya removed her hand. She had her black hair in a ponytail and was barefoot in sweat-pants and a sport-bra.

“What do you want with me?” Sandra asked, knowing the answer.

“I’m kidnapping you and you’ll be my prisoner for the night,” said Tanya. “Now put your arms behind your back.”

Sandra did as she was told, feeling both excited and turned on.

Tanya started by looping soft, white cotton-rope around Sandra’s wrists, cinching the rope between the hands firmly. Then she started tying a rope around one of the arms, just above the elbow. The rope went around the other arm and Tanya tightened the rope slowly until Sandra’s elbows met behind her back. She was very flexible and had been a top athlete in her high school.

“Is that tight enough to hold you?” asked Tanya.

Sandra just grunted an answer. The ropes were extremely tight and seemed inescapable.

Tanya continued by tying Sandra’s legs above and below the knees, but with rather much slack. She wondered why, but soon found out. Tanya rolled up the legs of Sandra’s jeans a few turns and proceeded tying her ankles together, cinching the rope good. She then bent the legs and pushed her captive’s bare feet up until her heels touched her bum. Suddenly the ropes around her knees felt very tight. Using another rope Tanya hog-tied Sandra so tightly that her hands could easily grab her ankles, there were just a few inches of rope between the wrists and ankles.

Using a piece of string the final touch of the bondage was done, Sandra’s big toes were tied and cinched, this making her giggle hysterically and making Tanya laugh. A piece of cloth was pushed into her mouth and she was cleave-gagged tightly with a bandana. Tanya turned Sandra’s head up towards her own face, holding her chin. She said, “Now you are my prisoner and I will play with you like you have never been played with before!”

Sandra could only answer, “Mmmmph!”

Tanya sat cross-legged behind Sandra and started to slowly rake her nails along the bare soles of her prisoner. Sandra giggled behind her gag. The tickling got worse and soon Sandra was crying with laughter, shaking her head back and forth, this making her braids flap. Tanya laughed and continued to torment her bound friend. She grabbed the bound toes and forced them back, making Sandra arch her feet. She tickled Sandra under her toes, on the soles and on the outside of each foot. Every new approach made Sandra laugh and giggle harder.

After about ten minutes of intense tickle torture, Tanya left Sandra on the bed to go and make preparations for the festivities to come.

Part IV, Spread-eagled and Helpless

While Sandra lay hog-tied in the bedroom, Tanya prepared her own room. It had a big, four-poster bed and Tanya got several coils of rope from her closet, a red ball-gag with a wide leather-strap and some other accessories she needed. Suddenly the door opened and Hannah walked in. She looked cute with her blonde hair in pigtails, wearing tight-fitting faded jeans and a short top. She kicked her shoes off and walked barefoot into the room. Tanya motioned for her to be quiet and quickly filled her in on the plan. Hannah giggled happily. This was something she wouldn’t miss for all the world.

Both girls went into the bedroom where Sandra was hog-tied on the bed.

Hannah giggled again when she saw her friend hog-tied on the bed. Sandra could only look back with her green eyes wide above the gag.

“Mmmmph! Mmmmgwah!” she said.

“Yeah! Hello to you too,” Hannah answered and sat on the bed beside the hog-tied prisoner.
hog tied prisoner
She couldn’t help herself, but started to slowly caress Sandra’s bare soles with her fingertips. Sandra immediately curled her toes and tried to roll away, giggling.

“There will be plenty of time for that later,” Tanya said to Hannah.

“You can play with her as I do the final preparations. Then we’ll have to get her into my bedroom.”

While Tanya was rummaging around in the other bedroom, Hannah continued to tickle Sandra’s bare, helpless feet. She enjoyed tormenting her friend very much and Sandra was laughing behind her gag, pleading for the torture to stop.

“You can just stop pleading,” Hannah said. “We’re going to keep you here all night and play with you.!

Tanya came back and started to untie the ropes hog-tying Sandra. She helped the still bound girl to sit up, and then to stand on her bound feet. Sandra swayed a little to keep her balance.

“Now you will bunny-jump into my room,” Tanya said giving Sandra a little push at the back.

Not wanting to fall flat on her face, Sandra started bunny jumping forward. It was not as hard as it seemed at first, but the bound toes made it harder. Sandra remembered a very good movie she had seen a few years ago. Cameron Diaz was tied hand and foot by her evil hubby. In one scene she bunny-jumped just like this to get a knife and free her hands. Sandra had always liked that movie because Cameron was bound three times in it.

Tanya had gone ahead into her bedroom and when Sandra came hopping she saw that Tanya had rigged a video camera on a tripod by the bed.

Now I’m going on film just like Cameron, she thought as she hopped into the room.

Both Tanya and Hannah admired Sandra’s skills at bunny-jumping as well as the way her breasts had a jumping life of their own under the tight top.

Tanya placed Sandra on the bed and started untying her feet and legs. When she was done she removed both the prisoner’s jeans and panties and stood her up. Sandra was a little shy at first, but then the excitement of the situation overwhelmed her. She was put on the bed and Tanya started to tie her legs to the bedposts by the foot of the bed, spreading her legs wide.

When this was done, Tanya undid the ropes around Sandra’s arms and wrists and removed her top. She pushed the girl on her back, tying each arm to the bedposts above her. Sandra was now spread-eagled on the bed, helpless and very excited.

The gag was taken off and Tanya asked Sandra if she was OK, did she want to go through with this?

“When this goes into you’re mouth there’s no turning back,” she said. “Then I’m going to play with you for the rest of the evening.”

Tanya held the ball-gag up before Sandra’s wide eyes. It was a 2″ red rubber-ball on a wide leather strap and she unhesitatingly opened her mouth to accept the ball.

Tanya had to wiggle it a little to get it behind the teeth, and could then fasten the strap behind Sandra’s neck. The ball rested fine behind her teeth, she could remember the taste of rubber, and the sensational feeling of having her jaws wide-open, without being able to scream.

Tanya placed the camera so it had a full view of the girl bound on the bed. Hannah sat down in an easy chair beside the bed to watch.

Sandra was a smashing sight as she lay on the bed. Her well-tanned body was stretched out by the ropes binding her to the bedposts. She had a flat stomach with a little silver ring in her navel. Her breasts were of medium size, right now crowned by very hard, pink nipples. The red ball-gag in her mouth made the picture complete, as her green eyes were wide above it with excitement.

Part V, Pure Tickle Torture
Sandra was feeling very vulnerable, as she lay spread-eagled on the bed. She loved the feeling of helplessness and she knew fully well what was going to happen. She had at an early stage of their friendship understood that Tanya wanted to do something like this to her. There had been small remarks here and there. She knew she was in for a very hard time being tickle-tortured by Tanya, but she had always loved to be tickled a little, now it would be a lot, but what could she do…

Hannah watched with anticipation as Tanya sat cross-legged at the foot of the bed. She started slowly raking her long nails up and down the helpless prisoner’s bare soles. Sandra wiggled her toes and giggled behind the big, red ball-gag. Tanya started speaking softly to the bound girl, teasing her and telling her this was only the beginning. The tickling became more intense, Tanya held one foot by the big-toe and forced it back while tickling the sole furiously. Sandra was now shaking her head back and forth, screaming:

‘Stop it! No more, no more!’ issued from behind her gag.

Of course the sound that came out instead was “Mmmmph iph, Mmmmph, mmmmgwah!”

Tanya motioned for Hannah to join her and she did. Kneeling on the bed, resting her buttocks on the heels of her bare feet the younger girl joined the tickling fun with great energy. The two roommates tickled one foot each while Sandra was already hysterical and was giggling, screaming and crying behind her ball-gag.

Hannah had always had a secret fascination for tickling and being tickled. When she was younger, her brothers had often tied her up for fun. As Hannah was always barefoot around the house, tickling had been a natural way for big brothers to torment their younger sister. Once, playing cowboys and Indians she had been tied flat on her back on a thick wooden board. There, tickled under the soles of her bare feet she had experienced what was her first orgasm, but she didn’t know what it was at the time, only that she liked it.

Now she was enjoying tormenting her friend. After about twenty minutes of intense tickle-torture, Tanya let Sandra have a break. The bound girl lay on the bed panting, sweat on her forehead. The tickling had been so intense she had been afraid to wet herself. Although the tickling was pure torture, Sandra loved the helplessness of being tied down, ball-gagged and tickled.

For the next stage of the game Tanya showed Hannah how to slowly caress Sandra’s legs, going up towards her inner thighs. These caresses made Sandra even more hysterical. She giggled, laughed and cried behind her ball-gag, this making droplets of saliva squirt from her mouth as she bit down on the rubber-ball in her mouth. When the two tickling girls’ fingers had wandered up Sandra’s legs they started to tickle the area just above her hipbones. The soft skin of the flat tummy was very vulnerable to tickling and Sandra screamed with laughter.

Tanya started to slowly tickle and caress Sandra around her belly button. From there she moved down and finally arrived at the spot where the bound girl was most sensitive. These motions made Sandra alter from hysterical laughter to more gentle moaning. At the same time Hannah was starting to play with Sandra’s nipples, caressing them and tickling them at the same time. Sandra was moaning harder and harder, moving her hips rhythmically, feeling that she was about to explode. At that very time Tanya picked up some ice-cubes and started touching her helpless friend with them. Sandra gasped for air, and calmed down, starting to shiver from the cold touches instead. She gave out angry, muffled sounds, showing how frustrated she was being denied what she so much wanted.

Hannah let the ice-cubes go in circles around Sandra’s nipples and on her tummy. Then she sat across her bound friend’s stomach and started to tickle her under-arms. At the same time Tanya went back to the feet and started to tickle them again. Sandra became totally crazy, screaming behind her gag and shaking her head back and forth. She raised her head and shoulders as much as she could and cursed her torturers from behind her ball-gag, drooling and spitting.
tickled drooling
Hannah talked to her in a way you talk to a small baby, “Oh you little cutie, I know you like this!”


“Tickle-tickle-tickle. Coochie-coochie-coo!”

Hanna’s fingers raced lightly over the exposed skin on Sandra’s breasts and underarms making her nearly faint. Finally they stopped and let her have another break.

The tickling continued like this for over an hour. They tickled her like crazy, then caressed her and made her just about to go over the edge, then tickled her again. This teasing and tickling made her want to come so badly that at the end she just cried softly behind her gag.

“I think we should reward you for giving us such a good fight,” said Tanya holding up a vibrator before Sandra’s tear-filled eyes. She started to use the vibrator very slowly and softly and at the same time Hannah was fondling Sandra’s nipples. This time they let her go all the way, an experience even better than the first time.

Sandra was exhausted, but happy, but her night of captivity was far from over.

Part VI, Two Prisoners Double the Fun.
As Sandra lay on the bed breathing heavily from her just finished tickle-session Hannah told Tanya how much fun it had been playing with their roommate.

“I can’t ever imagine how terrible it must be to be tickled like that,” she said.

“Well little girl, you’ll find out soon,” Tanya said with a grin and jumped the younger girl and forced her to the floor.

Hannah let out a little scream before she was pinned to the floor by her much stronger roommate. Tanya got some more rope from under the bed and tied Hannah’s hands behind her. She lifted the bound girl up and placed her on the bed beside Sandra and started to hog-tie her firmly. When she was done Hannah was hog-tied very tightly, the same way Sandra had been before. She was trying to tell her friend that this wasn’t fair, but soon she was gagged with a blue ball-gag, the same size as Sandra’s.

“Mmmmmgwah! Mmmmmgh!” The girl’s big, blue eyes were wide over the ball-gag that forced her jaws wide open and the corners of her mouth back.

Tanya left Hannah hog-tied on the bed and started to release Sandra. When she was free and the ball-gag was off, Sandra sat rubbing her wrists and flexing her jaw. She had been spread-eagled for one and a half-hours and her muscles ached after the intense tickling.

Tanya gave her a bottle of water and told her she needed a shower. Before Sandra could answer Tanya had grabbed her and started to tie her hands behind her, not too tightly, but tight enough. Then she slowly undid Sandra’s braids, letting the shiny, dark brown hair fall down over the bound girl’s shoulders, framing her pretty face. She took her prisoner by the arm and led her to their bathroom. Quickly Tanya took her own clothes off and stepped into the shower with her bound friend. Under pouring, soothing warm water, Tanya started to soap Sandra up. She massaged and rubbed her friend with soap and Sandra started moaning again.

When Tanya stepped behind her and began to caress her nipples, she felt wonderful. The thought of how strange it was to be in the shower, hands tied behind her and being caressed by her roommate made her giggle. She reached out with her bound hands and started to slowly massage Tanya as she stood right behind her. Tanya moved one of her hands down and both girls pleased each other while the poor Hannah lay hog-tied and ball-gagged on the bed.

After the shower, both Sandra and Tanya dried themselves with soft towels after Tanya had untied Sandra’s hands. When they were dry, Tanya started to tie Sandra up again. It was now more than three hours since Sandra had first been captured and now it was time for her second hog-tie.

Tanya tied her hands palm to palm, her elbows together and her feet together, complete with tied toes. She hog-tied Sandra by first tying a rope around her waist, then bringing the long end of the rope from her stomach up between her legs and to her wrists and from there to her raised feet. When Tanya tightened the rope it pressed nicely into Sandra’s most sensitive spot. If she tried to move her hands or feet, the rope dug in with greater force, a feeling she remembered from when she was tied like this two years ago.

Tanya went to her closet and fetched a new ball-gag, this time a white one. Tanya carefully placed the ball between Sandra’s teeth and fastened the strap in her neck, pressing the ball even further into her mouth. She then collected Sandra’s still damp hair and quickly made it into a ponytail. Tanya produced a long, thin rope and tied it to the already tied toes of her barefoot prisoner. She grabbed Sandra’s ponytail and forced her to raise her head and then tied the rope from the toes to the ponytail, braiding it in with the hair. This made the hog-tie complete.

Now Tanya had two hog-tied prisoners, one naked and fitted with a nice crotch-rope, the other dressed, but not for long.

Part VII, Tickle-torture Once Again
Sandra was on the bed hog-tied and helpless, lying close to her friend. She could only watch as Tanya started to undo the ropes that hog-tied her friend. Hannah did not make any resistance as she was gently stripped of her clothes and tied spread-eagled on the bed, just as Sandra had been. When Tanya was done, Hannah lay there helpless and with a look of pure anticipation in her big, blue eyes, wide over the blue ball-gag that filled her mouth up. It actually looked as she was smiling around the ball-gag.

Hannah was, if possible, even more ticklish than Sandra. When Tanya started on her bare feet she immediately started to giggle and try to move her bound feet away. The giggles soon changed to laughter and after some time of intense tickling Hannah was screaming behind her ball-gag, moving her head from side to side.

During the tickling Tanya spoke to her bound prisoner in a soothing voice, telling her not to worry, the tickling would only get worse. Indeed it did as Tanya’s finger moved up to Hannah’s flat stomach and gently tickled her hips and around her belly button. When she reached the naked girl’s breasts and underarms Hannah was crazy with laughter and nearly out of breath.

After a short break, the tickling of her breasts continued. Hannah had nice, rather small breasts with small, pink nipples that were very hard right now. Tanya tickled the nipples and breasts while Hannah moaned and giggled. The tickling changed to caressing and soon Hannah was on her way to wonderland. All this time, Sandra lay hog-tied and ball-gagged and watched her friend being tickled and teased while small rivers of drool ran down her chin from her ball-gag.

When Tanya was finally done with Hannah, she untied the girl and let her shower like Sandra had. Afterwards Hannah came out from the bathroom with a wide smile on her face, but had her hands tied behind her again.

Tanya now prepared the girls for their last tie-up of the evening. She undid every rope on Sandra except for the one binding her hands behind her. The ball-gag was removed. The girls were placed on their sides, facing each other. Tanya tied their upper-bodies together so that their breasts touched, she then tied each girl’s bare feet and hog-tied them both. A rope was tied around both their waists and cinched between them. A double crotch-rope was then applied, very cleverly. It ran from Sandra’s bound hands, down between her legs and up over the waist-rope, down between Hannah’s legs and up to her hands. Both girls were cleave-gagged with bandannas. Tanya left them on the bed.

When they moved, their crotch-ropes gave them both pleasure, and at the same time, their breasts, touching lightly, made their nipples rub against each other. Both girls soon found out how lovely this was and soon they had found a rhythm that pleased them both. When they were finally released, they both agreed that this was a wonderful experience, but they both wanted to have Tanya tied to that bed very soon…

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