Corset lacing for mistress

Jul 22

‘Give me my red and white striped corset and some tan nylons.’

Emily obeyed, although it was very difficult and handed her mistress what she asked for.

‘Follow me.’

Rachel led Emily back out to the bedroom, put the corset around her waist and sat down on the bench.

leather corset lacing

‘Put my stockings on – and if you so much as put a nick in them, there’s going to be hell to pay.

‘Emily crouched down and did as she was told, being extremely careful not to damage the expensive stockings. Rachel then stood up and Emily attached them to her corset.

‘Where are my shoes?’ Rachel asked suddenly.’You didn’t…”You expect me to walk around in my stocking feet? Get my red Bettie sandals at once.’ She barked.

‘Yes Mistress.’ Emily said softly, lowering her head. She knew that this was just another argument she could never win and dutifully turned on her heels and slowly made her way back to the closet. The shoes Rachel wanted where up on the top shelf of the shoe rack and her chained hands were barely able to reach them. If Rachel had made the chain between her hands and her waist any shorter she wouldn’t have been able to. She then turned and slowly walked back out.

Rachel was still sitting there smiling smugly. She really did enjoy watching Emily fight her way through these petty little torments. Emily slowly crept back into the room, the short chain in between her ankles making it almost impossible to walk.
She held out the shoes for Rachel to take, but Rachel wasn’t going to let her off that easily.
‘Well, give them to me. I shouldn’t have to reach for my shoes.’ She said, lifting her hands but not extending them much past her body.

‘Yes, Mistress.’ Emily said, struggling to reach her Mistress’ hands.

‘Very good.’ Rachel said, as she stood up. She held the shoes for a second and them deliberately dropped them, basically eradicating all the effort that Emily had just made. Emily did her best not to notice, but it was so hard not to react to an act that was so obviously made to make her say something that she would regret later.

‘It’s time to tighten my corset now.’ Rachel announced, turning around.

Emily went to work immediately, but with her hands chained the way they were it was not very easy. She struggled with the laces, doing her best to pull them evenly.

‘Oh Mistress, I’m not sure I can do this properly with my hands cha-’ Emily started to whine.

‘Oh hush.’ Rachel interrupted. ‘I have faith in you.’Emily did her very best, rocking back and forth on top of her stiletto shoes, she slowly pulled the corset tight.

‘That’s tight enough.’ Rachel said. ‘Now tie it off.

”Yes, Mistress.’ Emily said.

Tightening the corset had been hard enough, but the normally simple task of tying it was almost impossible, but Emily was up to the task and tied it, finishing it with a nice even bow.

‘Finished Mistress.’

‘Is it neat?’ Rachel asked, smirking.

‘Yes, Mistress.’

‘Very well.’ Rachel said sitting down. ‘You can sit down now.’

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