Collar attached to her hands and feet, hogtied slave girl

Jul 22

She removed her ankle restraints and added them to Jewel’s bondage. Next came the collar. Emily smiled as she locked it around Jewel’s neck. She wasn’t worthy of Mistress’s attention. Emily had invested too much of her time and way too much agony to be replaced by some upstart.

She smiled and attached the collar to her hands and feet, effectively hogtying her. Then she sat back for a few moments and watched Jewel struggle.

‘You need to arch better than that.’ Emily chided, pulling on the chain attached to Jewel’s collar.

‘Mpphh…’ Jewel moaned as her chest was pulled up off the bed.

collared in denim slave

‘That’s much better.’ Emily cooed. She smiled and lay down beside Jewel. She had always been the one on the receiving end and this new sense of power and control was intoxicating. She slid her hands over her body and watched Jewel struggle.

As Emily’s hands reached Jewel’s soft stockings, all sense of self control left her and her true submissive nature began to take over. Jewel squirmed in her grasp, which only seemed to add to Emily’s mounting excitement. She moved down Jewel’s body and began licking her high heeled shoes. It had taken Emily a while to come to terms with the fact that she was a true foot slut. Rachel had noticed it right off and had made good use of her propensity for oral shoe polishing. She ravenously licked and sucked on Jewel’s jet black stilettos as Jewel squirmed beneath her.

If she hadn’t locked the shoes on to begin with she might well have pulled them off and moved onto Jewel’s stocking feet, but at this point she couldn’t be bothered with the locks. The key was safely back in its hiding place and she didn’t have time to retrieve it again.
The effect of Emily’s mounting passion was addictive. The sight of Emily attacking her feet made Jewel wet with anticipation. She spread her legs only slightly in response, but Emily noticed. She stopped her foot worship and sat up looking Jewel in the eye. The look was unmistakable. She was aroused.

Emily needed no further invitation. She moved down on her, her hot, moist mouth searching for Jewel’s suddenly wet sex.

Jewel responded immediately and within seconds her struggles had changed. No longer was she thrashing around without purpose; Her struggles were now more rhythmic in nature.

Her moans had changed too and the more Emily licked the deeper and louder the moans became.

Jewel spread her legs wider, inviting Emily’s soft tongue deeper into her. Emily began sucking on her clit and Jewel went into fits of distressed passion. She could feel it coming, she arched her back and thrust her pelvis forward. Just another second and….

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