Spandex bondage, spandex gag

Mar 28

spandex bondage
She shook her head back, moving her hair off her eyes and trying to get her teeth over the incredibly tight stretch of black spandex that seemed glued over her mouth. Behind that was a thick knot of black spandex tied between her lips. It didn’t silence her as much as the tape and towels had, but she knew that no one outside Eddie’s suite could hear her.

The black bondage material showed her healthy beauty off to striking advantage. The blonde of her hair, her flawless skin, her light blue eyes were all enhanced by the gleaming black of her gag, bonds, and clothes. The thin black rope tied just over her knees stretching a foot between her legs capped off the degradation.

The degradation was made all the more piquant by Terri’s knowledge that she was wearing her own clothes. Peter and Three Piece had devised her outfit from Terri’s own luggage. The spandex gag was torn from her own pants, the T-shirt minidress was one of her performing tunics, and the black rope belt was taken from a tight white cotton skirt.

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