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Christmas Day Bonus…Little Miss Jasmine Sinclair

Dec 8

Jasmine Sinclair

Little Miss Santa stared at all her presents under the tree. It is her favourite time of year of course! She grabbed the biggest present she could find and opened it: a load of colourful rope and a funny looking gag thing! “Hmmm I wonder…” thought Miss Santa to herself…

Suddenly her Christmas cloak was gone and her hands were bound in the rope. The gag was tied around her mouth and her other clothes slowly disappeared. Kinky little Miss Santa loved it as you can see from these photos! Of course it was all just a dream. No girl would really get tied up and stripped like that, so all you guys to see her on Christmas Day, would they??

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Large rubber ball gag was forced between her lips and a strap placed about her head

Dec 8

gagged and bound

Whether Alex had sensed her reluctance, or whether she intended to gag her captive anyhow, Toni didn’t know. What she did know was that, as she opened her mouth to protest, a large rubber ball was forced between her lips and a strap placed about her head.
‘Mmmf’ Toni’s protest was stifled to an incomprehensible mumble as Alex tightened the strap. She shook her head back and forth to try to dislodge the gag, but it was hopeless. Once more she gazed at her reflection, and realised that she was entirely in Alex’s power.

Mistress in black leotard and boots and her slave girl

Dec 8

mistress and slave

She pushed open the door and stepped inside, closing it behind her. Then she turned and stopped short.
Alex was standing in the centre of the room, holding a thin whip in her hand. She wore a black leotard made of shiny leather that hugged her curves like a second skin, pressing her breasts upwards so that an almost obscene area of cleavage was on display. Her legs were encased in black fishnet tights and long boots that came almost to the knee. The leotard was cut so high that her thighs were uncovered to her waist, no more than a thin strip of leather covering her crotch. She wore black gloves on her hands and a black peaked cap was placed jauntily on her head. She stood, hands on hips, an arrogant smile on her face.

Naked and locked into shackles on the floor

Dec 8

shackled clamped

The men took her by the arms and led her to an open veranda at the front of the house. There, on the floor, was a coil of chain of the thickness and strength of a dog’s lead.
There was a shackle at the end, and this was closed and locked about Toni’s ankle. Only then did they remove the gag.

Her wrists and ankles cuffed and her protests silenced with a ball gag

Dec 8

cuffed ball gagged

Minutes later the two men had appeared in his room. They were rough, unshaven men, quite unlike anyone she had encountered in the castle before and they grinned broadly at the sight of the naked beauty being held in an arm lock by Bastik. They snapped cuffs onto her wrists and ankles and silenced her protests with a ball gag that fastened behind her head.
Then one of them lifted her easily onto his shoulder and carried her out.

Gagged girl with her nipples standing out like solid knobs

Dec 8

hard nipples

And with that, she pushed the gag back into Toni’s mouth and tightened the strap once more. Then her hand went back to Toni’s crotch. Toni gave a muffled groan as her friend slipped a finger into her again. Gerry had turned round now and was watching them, a short whip clutched in his fingers. Toni glanced in the mirror, seeing how her firm young breasts jutted out from her chest, the nipples standing out like solid knobs, and a shiver of excitement ran through her. Alex was right; it was thrilling to be watched.

When Gerry crossed the room to join them once more, she found herself thrusting her hips forward, as if trying to draw his attention to the wetness between her legs.
Gerry handed the whip to Alex. It wasn’t very long, but it was extremely thin, so that it bowed back as she swished it through the air.

Her arms tied high above her head, spreadeagled into an X-shape bondage

Dec 8


Toni tugged at the bonds that held her arms stretched high above her head, trying in vain to find some relief from the stiffness in her joints as she twisted her naked body from side to side. She glanced across at the mirror opposite her on the wall. What she saw was a lovely young girl, her limbs forcibly spreadeagled into an X-shape by the cruel ropes that held her to the frame, her mouth forced open by a black leather ball-gag that left her incapable of speech. Her gaze travelled down her body, taking in the tension in her limbs, her muscles taut, her young breasts stretched almost oval by her bondage. She glanced down at her sex, remarking on the way the lips had been shaved of all hair, leaving only the neat, dark triangle that covered her pubic mound.

Naked, chained gagged, hanging helpless girl

Dec 8

chained and gagged

She stared at the image in front of her, the naked, chained gagged girl hanging helpless whilst the leather-clad vixen beat her behind, and she suddenly felt a wetness in her crotch such as she had never felt before. She had suspected for a while that her natural propensity was toward submissiveness, but she had never dreamed to what extent she could be aroused by it. Now, as the blows rained down on her throbbing backside, she saw for the first time how such treatment could excite her, and she bit hard on the ball gag as she felt the desires inside her increase.

Girl whipped, rope tied and rope gagged

Dec 8

lesbo whipping

Her entire backside was glowing red, with more stripes down the back of her legs and across her back. She caught Alex’s eye. The girl was breathing heavily with the exertion of the beating, her gaze fixed on Toni’s body. More than anything now, Toni wanted an orgasm, and she thrust her backside back at her punisher, moaning behind her gag.

Girl tied, punished and slapped

Dec 8

tied punished

The girl slapped her with the flat of her hand, striking one cheek, then the other. Toni bit her lip to prevent herself crying out. Each slap stung dreadfully, and she knew her bottom would be glowing red under the onslaught.

But there was another sensation as well as the pain. A return of the warmth she had felt earlier. This time, though, it was the pain that was causing it. Somehow the effect of being tied and punished was acting as a stimulant, and once again she became aware that her body was responding in a manner that was totally at odds with her mind.

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