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Time for your punishment

Nov 29

“Time for your punishment, my little beauty,” he murmured.
Toni replied with a low moan.
He reached up and pulled down a pair of manacles that hung from the ceiling close to the end of the table. He undid her wrists and trapped them in the metal shackles. Then he pulled on a chain, dragging her hands high above her head. The knowledge that the whipping was about to commence made the wetness in Toni’s sex increase as she contemplated it.


She began to suck him, running her tongue over the end of his penis…

Nov 29

“Open your mouth,” he said.
For a second Toni stared at him uncomprehendingly.
“Your mouth. Open it!”
Then she understood. She opened her mouth and took him inside.
He tasted strange. There was a smell about him that excited her and she closed her lips about his thick shaft.
“Suck it.”
Toni began to suck him, running her tongue over the end of his penis as she did so, strangely thrilled by the way it twitched, as if it had a life of its own.

bondage sex

He continued to hold onto her hair, and began moving his hips back and forth, thrusting his cock right to the back of her throat, so that she almost gagged, then withdrawing it again. And all the time Toni continued to suck hard.
The whole thing was oddly stimulating to her. She could sense the Principal’s excitement, and it seemed to be transferring itself to her. She wished her hands were free, so that she could rub her own sex, or even better grasp hold of the great shaft that penetrated her mouth and feel its strength under her fingers. She fell into a rhythm with him, moving her head back and forth in time to his own movements. At the same time her hips were in motion again, thrusting forwards lewdly, her sex hungry to be filled.
His motions began to increase, ramming his cock against her face with an intensity that shook her whole body, making her breasts shake up and down delightfully. He had his fingers clamped in her hair and held her tightly . The grip was painful, but Toni was oblivious to it, her entire being concentrating on the great organ in her mouth.

Tied and stretched so tight

Nov 29

He shouted something and two men stepped forward from the crowd. Carlo threw down the end of the rope to them and they began to pull it, dragging Toni across the square, where a crowd was already gathering.

raised tied

They hauled her up onto the platform, which was raised about four feet above the ground. Then they threw the rope over the bar to which the hooks were attached and pulled it tight, hauling Toni’s arms above her head, leaving her totally exposed to the eyes of all. They tied off the rope so that she was held upright, though not stretched so tight that they couldn’t drag her legs apart, ensuring those looking up from below a perfect view of her bare sex. Toni blushed scarlet as she looked down at them.

Secured and punished with cruel horsewhip

Nov 29

The men who escorted her untied her hands, then fastened them to manacles at the top corners of the frame. Then they secured her feet to the floor of the stage, stretched wide apart.

cruel horsewhip

Thus exposed, she turned once more toward her captor for some sign that her punishment was of some importance, but he simply glanced at her and nodded to her escorts. At once they took up a pair of cruel horsewhips and began to lash her bare backside, first one then the other.

Naked and tied, her backside striped with red marks

Nov 29

Her mind was too full of what was happening to her. She tried her best to understand why her body was responding as it was, why she felt such a perverse pleasure in being bound and unable to defend herself, on having her body exposed so openly, and most of all on having her bare backside thrashed with a cane.

bare backside thrashed with a cane

She could not comprehend it. It simply didn’t fit in with the institutions of her upbringing. All she knew was that it gave her a pleasure that she wanted to retain. Even now, standing here naked and tied before all these people, her backside striped with red marks, she felt powerfully aroused, and she knew her nipples were hard and protruding.

Tied on her tiptoes

Nov 29

Gingerly she approached. The protruding wood was just at the height of her crotch, and she was not sure what was required of her.
“Straddle it,” said the Principal. “And lie flat on the desktop.”
Toni raised her right leg and swung it over the wooden horn. She had to go on tiptoe to do so, and the wood felt cold and hard against the flesh of her sex. Then she slowly lowered her body forwards, her tied hands making it difficult to keep her balance.

tiptoes bondage

She gave a little intake of breath as her nipples brushed the leather, but forced herself down, until her whole torso was pressed against the cold, hard desktop, her head turned to one side, facing her tormentors.

Bound, helpless and humilated

Nov 29

Of course they had all lied. Claimed she had circulated the photos herself, had organised the party, had deliberately performed a striptease to titillate them. She had protested her innocence vehemently, but to no avail. After all, the evidence was plain for all to see. The girl in the photographs was clearly aroused, and making no attempt to hide herself. And hadn’t she been found, standing on a table naked but for a pair of stockings and masturbating shamelessly in front of a roomful of students?

bound and helpless

No, she was reconciled to it now, and she stood unprotesting, wishing they would just get the whole thing over with and allow her to get dressed again. More than anything else it was the nakedness that she hated. Being made to stand like this, bound and helpless whilst all the others looked on. Even her lifeline, the credit card, could not help her now, and for the first time in her life she was completely on her own.

At first she had struggled against the bonds, wishing desperately to cover her breasts and sex…

Nov 29

She wore only the stockings which, far from preserving her modesty, simply served to enhance the nakedness, her sex lips even more prominent than before her ordeal in the staff room, puffy and swollen with the actions of the candle.

wrists tied elbows

They had tied her hands behind her, securing each wrist to the opposite elbow, so that her arms were held high up her back, leaving her backside uncovered. At first she had struggled against the bonds, wishing desperately to cover her breasts and sex, but now she stood quietly, resigned to her fate. Her face still glowed red as she listened to the Principal’s voice.

Girl spread-eagled across the table, her wrists tied to the table legs

Nov 29

Toni felt her wrists grabbed and she was dragged onto her back again. Isabel held her down whilst the other two tied her wrists to the table legs. Once that was done her ankles were similarly secured, so that the naked girl was spread-eagled across the table, totally at the mercy of her captors.


For a while she continued to struggle, but then surrendered herself to the inevitable, as Isabel began work with the razor.

First of all the foam was rubbed about her sex lips with a brush. It was warm and soapy, the liquid trickling down her slit and over her anus. The soft touch of the brush made her squirm slightly as it ran over her most private place.

Isabel shaved her expertly, running the razor smoothly over her soft skin, scraping away the wiry little hairs about the lips. As she did so, the touch of her fingers stimulated Toni, so that she moaned quietly, her body totally relaxed and compliant now as she surrendered herself to the woman’s touches. Once the hair was removed, Isabel ran a warm cloth over the area, wiping away the remaining foam.

“There,” said Isabel at last. “That’s better. Release her, girls.”
Toni’s wrists and ankles were freed at once and she sat up, rubbing the marks where the rope had been.

Totally naked and spread-eagled tied

Nov 29

Toni reached for them nervously, aware that she was the centre of attention. As soon as she had them in her hand she realised they were photographs. She turned them over and looked at the first one. Then her jaw dropped.
The picture was of her. She was in the staff room, standing with her wrists and ankles tied so that her aristocratic young body was spread-eagled.


And she was totally naked, her plump young breasts and the pink slit of her sex bared for all to see.

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