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Tied with her arms and legs pulled wide apart

Sep 9

“Tie her!” ordered Isabel.
Marta and Ilana grabbed Toni’s arms again, pulling them from her body, so that she was mortified to find herself uncovered before the three women. Then she realised they had pulled lengths of strong nylon rope from their pockets and were tying her hands. Toni struggled with all her might, but she was no match for the two older women who, having tied the rope tightly about her wrists, slung the ends over a pair of sturdy water pipes that ran across the ceiling, yanking down hard so that Toni’s arms were pulled apart and upwards, until she was almost on tiptoe.

tied wide

But worse was to come. No sooner had they secured her arms than they began to fasten more rope to her ankles. These too they stretched apart and fastened to the heaviest of the armchairs. Once these were secure they stood back to admire their handiwork.
Toni was stretched into an X shape, her arms and legs pulled wide apart. A mirror fixed to the wall in front of her reflected her helpless body, and she groaned with embarrassment as she saw how blatantly the position displayed her breasts and sex to her three captors.

Tied to the post and humilated

Sep 9

In the weeks that followed, Toni found herself entertaining the Count on a number of occasions. Every time he visited he would ask for her, and Toni would find her heart sinking as she wondered what new degradation he had in mind for her. Once he had her take on two men at once, sucking off one whilst simultaneously being screwed by another. On another visit he made her dance a striptease then draw from a hat the name of the man who was to publicly fuck her. On yet another he had her simply tied naked to a post whilst a party went on around her, leaving the guests free to feel her up as they wanted.
Toni’s feelings about these ordeals were ambivalent.
tied humilated

On the one hand she was ashamed and humiliated at the way she was forced to offer her body to the men, and to allow intimacy with whoever the Count decreed. On the other, her lascivious nature led her to achieve orgasm after orgasm at his hands, and she never failed to find an exquisite if bittersweet pleasure in the way she was treated.

Whipped and chained naked

Sep 9

‘Would I be tied up?’
‘That’s right.’
‘What would I be whipped with?’
‘A horsewhip. Or a cane. Listen, Toni does the idea really turn you on?’
‘I think it does.’ Toni had no idea why it should be, but her mind was suddenly filled with the image of herself chained naked to the wall whilst her backside was whipped, and the thrill it gave her was totally unexpected.
‘Tomorrow, then,’ said Alex. ‘We’ll do it tomorrow.’
‘Hang on, Alex. I’m not sure.’
‘I am.’

chained whipped

Completely tied and blindfolded girl

Sep 9

blindfolded girl

Suddenly the woman reached into her handbag and pulled out a length of black material.
“There’s one more thing I must do,” she said quietly. Please don’t be afraid. Just bend your head forward.”
Toni obeyed. The woman wrapped the cloth about her eyes and tied it at the back of her head, blindfolding her completely. Toni made no complaint, though it felt very strange to be made still more helpless. There was something about placing herself in the woman’s power that appealed to her greatly.

Shackles and chains

Sep 9

She barely had time to consider her plight, though, as her two attendants dropped to their knees and undid the shackles at her ankles, then turned her round to face away from the audience. The new position gave Toni some scant comfort as her breasts and belly were turned from the men’s hungry eyes, but she knew that they would be scanning her backside with equal interest, and she thought of the stripes so recently laid across it by the woman that morning. She wasn’t sure if she could take another beating so soon after that one, but it was clear she would have little choice.


Suddenly she realised that the two young women were at work again, each taking hold of one of her ankles and pulling them wide apart before clamping yet another shackle about each. She glanced down to see that these irons were attached to the floor at about the same distance apart as those on her wrists. She was trapped now, her arms and legs pulled wide, her body describing a large X shape as she hung in her chains, her feet barely touching the ground.

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