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Punishment room

Jun 23

jeans bound

Norena opened one.
The room was “Oooh, a punishment room,” said Stacy, her
eyes wide. “The Hillings didn’t have one… but
I’ve heard about them. Do you punish us here?”
“I don’t. This is for Master and Mistress only.
Maids are punished here for more… serious of-
fenses… or sometimes just for the sport of it. It’s
fairly common in New England.”
“I’ve never seen so many chains and things. And
some of those things I just can’t imagine what
they are used for. But I’ll bet they hurt a girl.”

First punishment for her

Jun 23

panty gagged

Mistress always made her commands sound like
a question.
“Why don’t you please both stuff your under-
pants in each other’s mouth for the first punish-
ment. Don’t like you to start yelling too early in
the day, and the first thing may hurt a bit. Or
would you rather the rubber gags you came in?”
Laura and Sylvia whispered to each other.
“We’ll use each other’s pants. The rubber thing
is really cruel,” said Laura.
The maids were impressed with Mistress’ erotic
touch. They were seeing,an expert,at work, and .
knew it.. The two females held their mouth open
like hungry fishes, arid stuffed the intimate mate-,
rial far, inside each other. Laura blushed as she
tasted SyIvia’s ‘femaleness on the wispy material.
Sylyia,didn’,t respond to her gag with any emotion
at all.

Full force spanking

Jun 23


She stood behind Julie and applied the spanking
full force. They were gunshots in volume.
“When you’re ready to eat my pussy, and
Stacy’s and Sondra’s too, just nod your head, you
little slut.” Victoria intentionally issued the crude
words to further excite Julie’s submission. It
worked. Especially being called a slut. At the next
loud smack of hand against her bottom, Julie
burbled into her gag. Following this, she began to
chew on the panties, jerked, orgasmed terribly, and
fell limp in her ropes. Her thighs were soaked from
the emission.

Painful clothespins on nipples and sex lips

Jun 23


The full realization finally sank home to
her as Victoria and her two servants sat in easy
chairs and admired the view which she presented
them. Naked, spread open, bound by thumbs and
toes, painful clothespins on nipples and sex lips, a
woman’s damp panty in her mouth. A slave!

Pussy clamps with panties into her mouth

Jun 23

pussy clamps

“Probably should gag your slave before putting
clamps on her pussy, Madam,” suggested
Victoria reached up under her skirt and peeled
off her panties.
“Open, slave-girl,” she commanded of Julie.
“Ooh, your pants look rather wet, Mistress,”
complained Julie.
“Slave girls don’t talk back!” snapped Victoria.
“Besides, you know what I taste like. Open!” Julie
opened her mouth like a baby bird expecting a
worm. The pants were popped into her mouth with
force. Julie’s face flushed as she tasted Victoria
Palmer once again. Victoria put clamps on her
sex lips.

Collared servant girl

Jun 23


It was a slave, not a
servant. The girl wore a collar shackle, her breast
brands were fairly fresh and still red-brown, and
glistening rings dangled from her erect nipples.

College girls tied and whipped

Jun 23

college girl tied

Her whipper, dressed in white shorts and T-shirt
like all the college girls, carefully took her clothes
as they were handed to her and lay them carefuly
on the grass, for they need be put on again each
time. The stripping was part of the delight. The
recipient stretched her slender arms upwards to the top of the post, where the hands were tied with
good old-fashioned rope,

Girl tied by her thumbs

Jun 23

tree tied

Victoria was tied by her thumbs to a tree branch
and her backside was nicely striated already from
the top of her back to her thighs.

“Sorry, Miss Victoria,” said Sondra as they
shortened her thumb ropes. Sondra adjusted the
ropes properly while Stacy held Victoria up off the
ground momentarily. Stacy released her armful,
and their pretty mistress swung slowly by her
“Ooooh,” said Victoria, softly. “Gosh, thumb-
hanging hurts so. Oh, that’s o.k., girls, you’re only
following orders. How long do I get?”
“I’m afraid forty-five minutes, Miss Victoria,”
said Stacy seriously.

Two girls tied together

Jun 23

tied together

“Show you the Georgia tie for two girls,” smiled
Victoria. “Would you mind pulling your skirts up
… right up to your pants, please… that’s it.”

Victoria looped the rope around the adjoining
thighs of each girl at the very top of each leg, and
pulled the thigh of each girl tight to the other girl’s thigh, She pulled down their skirts, then with the
second rope bound their adjoining arms together
near the shoulder. Stacy immediately felt a tingle
of arousal, for it was a first for her.

Lots of drool for gagged female

Jun 23

drooling female

“Yes, of course. Well, let’s see what -you’ve
,brought me, Barney” said Mistress;finally get-
ting up off the chair.”my, these rubber gags they
put on convicted women these days certainly make
them drool a lot. Good for them, though, and I like
to see a female gagged. Well, they look nice,
Barney, tell me about, them. Don’t want to know
what they did, just the personal facts, please.”

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