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Discomfort from ropes and chains

May 31

bed bondage

They found out when they were called to the employers’ bedroom at ten. Victoria was chained by her wrists to the bed and wore a blindfold.
The girls were stunned at Victoria’s punisment decision. They had expected some sort of physical administration. Victoria was fantastic! The punishment was going to be far worse than any whip or rope discomfort.

Punishment for sisters

May 31


The whipping had to be received, so why not
at least know that your two friends would enjoy it.
If one loved her sister maids like she should, then
she hoped her punishment would turn them on.
The whipping would then be well worth it. It was,
in fact, honest love between girls. Stacy had gotten
her pants wet watching Trish whipped, so fair is
fair. Wet your pants, Trish, thought Stacy.
The first lash is always such a surprise. The
terrific sound always seems like it is somewhere
else. Then a girl feels that awful burning on her
bottom, and she knows that the sound was her own

Whipping on the table

May 31

table whipping

Stacy lifted up her skirt and peeled down her
panties, stepped out of them, and placed them,
folded properly, on the table beside the whip. Miss
Cummins had taught the domestic class never to
pull one’s pants down around the knees. It was a
silly sight. Take them off, and fold them neatly on
the table or floor.
Stacy spread herself over the table, her skirt
hiked to her waist. She found the proper balance on
her stomach, then satisfied, spread her legs nicely,
apart. Stacy always felt a tingle when she spread ‘
her legs for a whipping. A girl just seemingly never
gets quite used to exposing her sex voluntarily.

Mistress rules

May 31


You can’t wear your panties when Mistress whips you, you know.” The three traipsed upstairs to the hall. Mistress awaited them, her blouse removed to facilitate her arm movements. Her breasts were very lovely…

Fresh whip mark on the slim back of a downstairs maid

May 31

whip marks

Happily and elegantly, they knew their creation as a girl, and accepting the course of human nature as being what it is they recognized that ropes and chains and whips were
devised specifically for their young bodies. They questioned not why this was so. It just was. And part of being a domestic included ready acceptance to such machinations with dignity and, in fact, joy. Thus these beautiful creatures were unique, and were set apart from their sisters of other vocations and conditions. Indeed, a fresh whip mark on the slim back of a downstairs maid caused her no more grief than a rose prick on a more sophisticated lady’s finger.

Chains and punishment

May 17


She released the two from their chains and
stocks, and joined her husband for a martini. It
was always interesting to notice the different reac-
tion of recipients after a punishment. Laura, the
older, simply lay on her back on the floor, her
hands over her eyes, hoping that time would lessen
the burning in her feet. Sylvia spat out her wet
gag, went to all fours, and shook her hair back and
forth in hurt. Both knew that they would not stand
up again this evening.

Panty gags and hair bondage

May 17


The blows were alternated between the woman
and the girl and their suffering was evident. The
panty gags permitted only muffled noises, but
their faces were flushed in hurt, their eyes met.

Locked into stocks

May 17


The low floor stocks were built for two females’
feet, as they lay on their backs on the carpet. The
protruding feet were at Mistress’ waist level.
Mistress chose, from a wall rack, a split-bamboo
length, before fastening the women’s arms to
heavy floor rings. The split bamboo made an odd
noise as it traveled through the air and struck the
soles of Laura’s feet. Her body jerked nicely.
Sylvia followed, and squirmed vigorously from the

Woman bound spread-eagled between two portable binding

May 17


“If you have some binding posts, madam, we’ll
present her to you properly,” said Sondra.
“Very well. Bring her in.” The scene was being
played beautifully. Even Julie was perfectly
Victoria Palmer sat in her chair in the living
room. Julie was displayed directly in front of her,
bound spread-eagled between two portable binding
Thin cords were attached to her thumbs and big toes, pulling her tautly and delightfully. Victoria
had never seen so thrilling a sight and her pants
was very damp.

Free Jasmine Sinclair bound and gagged pictures

May 6

jasmine sinclair gagged


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