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Selfbondage games

Sep 1

…That little episode helped me move to another level of bondage. I didn’t like holding a pencil between my teeth. It was awkward. So I wrapped a bunch of tape around the end of a pencil and made a ball about two inches across. That was easier to hold in my mouth. And it was a perfect ball gag.

I like the heightened sensation of helplessness the gag gave me. So I experimented with different kinds. I discovered that a simple rubber ball inside nylon stocking worked great. I just tied the stocking behind my neck and the gag was perfect.

perfect gag

perfect gag

(I was still a small town farm girl then, I had no idea that an entire bondage culture existed outside my cocoon. I actually thought I had invented the ball gag. It wasn’t until years later that I found out differently)…

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