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Country Girl’s Self Bondage

Aug 25

…Bobby started to untie me but I told him to wait. I wanted to see if I could escape. I wriggled and tugged at my ropes and the more I struggled the more turned on I became. 

struggled in ropes

struggled in ropes

My face was pink and I was breathing hard. Bobby thought it was from exertion and told me that I could try all I wanted but I would never get free. He had no clue that getting free was the last thing I wanted. I told him to go away for a while and I would get loose. He went to the house and got a pop from the fridge. I was alone in the barn…


Secretary kidnapped, tied and gagged

Aug 6

The two girls take the secretary into
the examination room and place her on a hard chair!
And there he is: Mr Bush the employer! first Lara and Lisa
tie blondie up to the chair,
Lisa takes control over the body, and Lara the feet.
At the same time the other kidnapped secretary
tries with all her power to get rid of the fettles…
kidnapped secretary
…but Lara and Lisa did a great job as always! (more…)

Beautiful girl hogtied and gagged

Aug 6

Having been drugged earlier by a wily burglar, Christina rests in a deep sleep. The burglar, however, wants to make especially sure that the lady of the house doesn’t wake up from her substance-induced unconscious state.

So she begins to tie her up!

The burglar begins with Christina’s wrists – tying them tightly behind her back.
tied up girl

Inside her skirt

Aug 3

“Grab some rope,” Vicky shouted. “Lets tie her hands together behind her back!”

Ellie passed her a length of rope and Vicky used it to bind the poor woman’s wrists together. She stood up to admire her work.
wrists bound together
“Now get out of that, bitch,” she hissed as watch Chantelle struggle desperately on the floor.

Chantelle managed to wriggle on to her back as Vicky stood above her, one foot either side of her chest.

“You looking up my skirt?” Vicky snapped.

Barefoot, tickled and bound.

Aug 1

In apt. 230 Lisa, 22, is on her bed reading “the Black House” by Stephen King & Peter Straub. Lisa is on her stomach, legs bent and bare feet crossed at the ankles. We like what we see. Her flat-mate Ilse from Germany is doing push-ups on the floor wearing only panties. It’s very interesting to observe what happens to her breasts every time she goes down. If we go one floor up, we arrive at apt. 303, occupied by Sandra, 20, and Hannah, 19. One bedroom of their two-bedroom apartment is dark. In the living room we see the two good-looking girls sprawled on the sofa, watching TV, their bare feet on the coffee table. In the second bedroom we find Frida, 19, on a bed. She is tightly hog-tied
tightly hog-tied
and has a very big, red ball-gag in her mouth. Saliva is dripping from her lower lip and we meet her large blue eyes. Those eyes could be begging: -Please rescue me! (more…)

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